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Respected Sir,
I got married in the end of 2012. In starting eveything was good. But just after 2-3 months, my husband started behaving badly. He used to give all his time to his friends and going to Gym. When I asked him to give some time to me also, he said "main kya tujhe sar par lekar ghumu?". Wives have many expectations from husbands. However I stopped asking him to give me time. Now he has found a new reason of fighting "My Mom". Every time he uses abusive language for my mom. My mother only selected him and now she is the biggest enemy of his. According to him, whenever I go to mother's house, she only teaches me wrong things and the fight starts between us. But the fact is his nature , attitude & ego (he still thinks that he is living a bachelor life) are only responsible for all this. Now I am 4 months pregnant. They have now started torturing me mentally. I just can not stay in that home. My mother in law and my husband are doing all this. My husband also said this I dont care whether you live or not, give birth to this child or not. My mother in law also tortures me very badly. 
I have been staying with my mother for last 2 months. I want to stay with him but I know he will never change. Please suggest me what should I do. 
As far as I remember, all this started when I took out his affair with a girl in front of every one. Please suggest what should I do. Should I file a divorce case?
Whay should I do. I am mentally very upset because of all of them.
Please please help. Also now I feel very scared of them.
Asked 10 years ago in Family Law
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visit a marriage counsellor . for sake of your unborn child try to save your marriage . when child is born he may change . he will realise his responsibilities . if your husband does not change file application under Dv act . seek right to stay in shred household , maintenance for yourself and child

Ajay Sethi
Advocate, Mumbai
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you can file complaint in women cell under 498A/406 IPC along with that you can complaint under DVact in the metropolitan magistrate court of your jurisdiction,divorce at this stage is not advised,inmost of the cases we have seen once a complaint is file in women cell or in MM Court possibility of settlement is always there. divorce should be last resort

Rajeev Bari
Advocate, New Delhi
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u can seek corrective measures by filing a complain women cell/ M M court &try to settle issues. if in case of no u can always opt for harsher measures at later stage

Avdhesh Chaudhary
Advocate, Greater Noida
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Hi, it is for you to decide whether you want to continue your relationship or not, if you don't want continue you can file divorce case and you can also seek for maintenance for you and your unborn child and if you willing to continue...... both of you sit together and decide.

Pradeep Bharathipura
Advocate, Bangalore
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First sit with him and talk and try to resolve the issue within your family. Have patience and try to save the marriage. If it does not work, then you can go for legal remedies available.

Shashidhar S. Sastry
Advocate, Bangalore
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Dear Querist

first of all no need to worry this is normal in present, take the help of the elders, relatives and friends for counselling and try to resolve the matter amicable and save your marriage. if the situation is wrost then only file a domestic violence case against them before court and claim maintenance & accommodation.

Nadeem Qureshi
Advocate, New Delhi
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Law is for helping ladies in problem but once we have more power it has to be used more carefully.Your case is not a lost case don't get demoralized,only try to be more rationale and use your brain and don't work with others brains.Both mothers have to be concerned about their children I.e. you and your husband but the children have to decide the limits for their welfare .Such case are regularly settled both ways depending upon the patience and proper handling.

Anil Gupta
Advocate, New Delhi
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I cannot advice you to prolong your stay and sustain your marriage at the cost of your serenity. Marriages are made in heaven, but they have to be nurtured with love and care on earth. Torture of this nature vitiates the base of marriage as this is not how a husband is expected to treat his wife.

Whether or not you have to file for divorce has to be decided by you alone, albeit you have every right to seek divorce on account of the miserable treatment you have been subjected to.

If you feel scared of him then you may move the court and file a case for protection from domestic violence whereby the court will issue an order to your husband to refrain himself from subjecting you to any kind of mental or physical abuse. In addition to this you may claim maintenance for yourself and your child after he/she is born as it is his inescapable legal obligation to provide you financial support.

Ashish Davessar
Advocate, Jaipur
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Involve elders in the family to settle the issue. Don't think they are only wrong, try to find out what they want rom u and act accordingly.

Fateh Chand Sharma
Advocate, Noida
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