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My son in law filed divorce suit from my daughter at Hyderabad in November 2015. As my daughter too wanted divorce and they were living separately for more than a year and further she didn't want any maintenance/alimony from him, we decided not to contest the petition. We received 3 court notices for appearance at an interval of about 3 months each and we ignored all of them. Finally the Hyderabad family court pronounced ex-party divorce in September 2016 and court orders were signed to that effect on 24th Sept 2016. The copies of this orders have been kept by the lawyer of my erstwhile son in law and not given to us. Kindly inform how we can get a copy of court order from the Family court, Civil Court Hyderabad? can any lawyer from Hyderabad represent us to get the order copy on payment of professional and court fees?
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1) your daughter can apply and obtain certified copy of divorce decree 

2) you can engage a local lawyer in Hyderabad a d authorise him to apply for certified copy of divorce decree in Hyderabad 
Ajay Sethi
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1) Yes it is possible for any lawyer or any agent of yours duly authorised by you to obtain a certified copy of the ex parte order.

2) As a matter of fact his lawyer is not liable to provide you with a copy as you never appeared before the court and the order was ex parte.

3) All you need to do is contact a local lawyer and he should be able to assist you with obtaining a certified copy of the judgement and decree of divorce.
S J Mathew
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You should approach the family court in Hyderabad to provide you a copy of the divorce decree granted free of cost, as per provision of Act. 
2. In case you are not present in India then your daughter can send a Power of Attorney to some  relations / friends in Hyderabad to give Vakalatnama to a local lawyer to do needful in the matter. 
Sushil Jha
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Dear Concerned,

Yes - you can hire a lawyer who can represent you and take certified copy of the order passed by the court. 

You would need to give a email authorizing the lawyer  to take a certified copy of the order and should take maximum of  2-3 days of court work. 

Atulay Nehra
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1. How did you come to know about the details of the said decree of divorce without being served with a copy thereof?

2. However, your lawyer can collect a certified copy of the same from the Court.

3. Your daughter is required to keep a certified copy of the said decree of divorce to establish her presnt marital status.
Krishna Kishore Ganguly
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Why would the lawyer of your erstwhile son-in-law give you certified copies of the order of the court? He is the counsel of your son-in-law not your daughter. To pull put the certified copy you should take the assistance of a local lawyer. Some lawyers from Hyderabad are on this portal whom you may contact.
Ashish Davessar
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Apply for certified copy of divorce decree. It is very simple and easy step and u can also spply as party in person. 
Shivam Sood
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Since your daughter is a party to the case, she can file an application requesting certified copies of the exparte divorce decree passed by the court by furnishing the particulars of the case including the date of disposal on the copy application.

If she wold like to engage the services of an advocate for this purpose, she may have to give an affidavit in this regard for appointing an advocate and also should give him a  vakalat for executing this task.

You can choose among the lawyers of this forum too  or can engage a lawyer from your home town too who would be able to get the task completed through any of his colleagues located in Hyderabad.
T Kalaiselvan
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Dear Querist
apply for certified copy of the Divorce decree along with the court order with the help of lawyer and get the same within a weak.

Feel free to Call
Nadeem Qureshi
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