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Legal consultant with expertise in matters pertaining to criminal, civil, divorce, matrimonial, and property. Practicing in courts of Delhi (Distt & High court), Noida (Greater Noida) & Ghaziabad

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Atulay Nehra's Answers

  • 498a maintainability and territorial jurisdiction
    This question was kept private.
  • Hello,    I want to sell property (!RK Flat) in pune chinchwad, which was owned by my dad. but he passed away in April 2017 without WILL. Me and my elder sister (We both are...
  • Sir   My name is Dr. Devendra, currently I am running my own hospital in ETAWAH,. UP. At present I am staying with my father in law as my native place is some 30 KM from ETAWAH,...
  • Forcing a severe sucidial patient to suicide , by severly traumatizing him,    IF i can prove the traumatizing , can i get legal help and what kind of help,    I will definitely...
  • Mr monit give his brother mr pawan a gpa in year 2000 for all his property in india for sell,purchase and care taking his property as he get a job in usa. later in 2006 mr pawan...
  • Monthly expenses / lump sum amount in divorce case
    This question was kept private.
  • I had an illegal relationship with another woman.but I had only phone conversation with her. I realised my mistake and stopped it. But my wife came to know about this after six...
  • Day before yesterday under the influence of alcohol I accidentally slapped my wife as I got to know that she is cheating on me. I realise that what I did was a shameful act and...
  • I have called to caw , in notice only my name is been mentioned is that mean that only I my name have been given in complaint    Secondly this is my first date with caw when...
  • Sir,  My name is Sumit Kumar and I need your advice. I start from the beginning, My grate grandfather has one property, they have 2 son's and 2 daughters, and in 1993 he was...

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