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We have settled in Bangalore for the last 10 years.My husband holds some land near Chennai but he expired in March. We are unable to trace the document.On inquiring with the sub-registrar office where the land is situated,we are asked to file a FIR and make a paper publication.

1.Can you please guide on whether the FIR can be filed online in Bangalore as recently they have launched an online service to report missing documents.Please refer - http://amazingindiablog.in/how-to-register-online-fir-in-bangalore/

In documents section there is a OTHER clause.Can we use that or should we go to a local police station?

2.What should be the content for the paper publication?

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The complaint can be filed online whereupon the FIR can be lodged and uploaded online. This is being done now in Bangalore. If your document does not fall into any of the specific categories mentioned there then choose 'other'. Thereafter, you can apply for a certified copy of the deed.
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To file a formal complaint you will need to go to the nearest police station, there you will need to lodge a loss of document in the form of an Affidavit, which the SHO will then acknowledge by issuing a N.C.R after which a PUBLIC NOTICE would have to be taken out preferably in two newspapers at the place where the property is situated, one in English and the other vernacular (Tamil) 
Since you have been residing in Bangalore for the past 10 years, you will have to lodge a formal complaint in person at the police station closest to your place of residence or jurisdiction.
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You can register FIR online if and only if your item is lost in Bangalore City Police area and not outside that.

2) Category: Select the category of item of which you are registering FIR.
Sub Category: Sub category select that from the drop down menu.

3)you can also mention the additional details 

4) you don't need to go to local police station as FIR can be lodged online 

5) yiu have to issue public notice that original sale deed for property in chennai (give details of land  ) had been lost by you 
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you should register the FIR through online because FIR in respect of mission documents are non investigation cases so you go through online system. you should state that your documents are missing and details about the documents. on the basis of FIR a duplicate documents will be generated by the concerned department.
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you should state same information in the publication notice. this notice is also called gazette publication. this information shall be published in a daily news paper. it is an information for the general public that a document is mission and if any person found it may return it to the owner mentioned in the notice. 

Shivendra Pratap Singh
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For property related documents, it is better to file in person rather than online for the reason that the recorded FIR should capture all the details of the document deed such as document number, registration date, registered at,  property details with boundaries etc. 
So your complaint should include the following:
a) Parties to the document.
b) Date of registration
c) Document number
d) Sub-Registrar office details. 
e) Property description(schedule of property)
f) Property boundaries.
g) Document consideration (value of the deal)
h) Document where lost and how it was lost etc. 

Once you have filed the above complaint, police will register the FIR and after 120 days police will give you a not traceable report. 

Your paper advertisement should be published in 2 languages. English and Tamil( As the property is located in Tamil Nadu) covering Chennai and Bangalore( as document is presumed to be lost at Bangalore).

The content of the paper publication should state as follows

I, _______, residing at ____________, have lost the original sale deed bearing document number_________, dated____, pertaining to property bearing address__________ . 
Any person who may be in possession of such document may kindly return to the _____, residing at __________, 

Hope this helps
Rajgopalan Sripathi
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1. You can lodge complaint online but it will take some time to register FIR so better to go police station directly and lodge a written complaint under proper acknowledgement receipt. the police will issue ack., or receipt immediate after lodging complaint. 2. the contents of the paper notice should be under caption PUBLIC NOTICE - we have lost original sale deed document No_____ of      ( year) of SRO____________ pertaining to our immovable property situated at___________  and have also lodged a complaint before police ___________ vide Crime No. ___/ 2016 and if any person/s.  
Lakshmi Kanth
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1.  If you have lost the property documents in Bangalore and there is a facility to book online complaint for the lost documents you may avail the facility. 

What is that other clause, why dont you give the details while seeking clarifications?

The contest for paper publication can be had by engaging the services of an advocate privately

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