• Harassment by in mother, aunt, sister

My name is Elvis Dcruz married from last 7 years ever since we are married we have not been happy coz of mother my elder sister and my aunt they have been traumatizing, tourchering me and my wife they even tried to divorced me and told me if i don't she will remove my name from the property my wife was at her place for 1 year later I choose not to leave my wife, my mother and her sister threw my belonging out of my house damaging few of my personal belonging they say my wife would never have a baby coz she is been cursed and even in the family they called her (baanz) despite we have informed that she is undergoing medical treatment since few years they have posted stupid thing on social site which they said they never did when we filed a case against   her cops are still investigating her IP address now my aunty said my wife is a prostitute so please help us to filled a case against my mother aunty and my elder sister for mentally harassment  so that i can leave with my wife peacefully recently she had spoiled our name in our family stating we are not taking care of our bills and is pending since a long time since is have been on my own since march and nothing to do with them no anyone in my family my brother is going to same trauma since he is been married i don't want to loose my temper which would lead in loosing my job and my wife permanently so please advice me
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Leave the home and live with your wife in a separate accommodation.
You wife may file a domestic violence case against them before magistrate court and claim protection and compensation from them, the court have power to pass orders in your wife's favour.

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Nadeem Qureshi
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1) your wife can file complaint of criminal defamation against your aunt  if she is defaming her 

2) your wife can file complaint of domestic violence against your family members and seek a protection order and compensation for mental torture undergone by her 
Ajay Sethi
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You being the son boldly accept that your mother, sister and your aunty have been meddling with your family life and want to separate you from your wife, this being so, you have moved out of the house and have been staying independently since march. that is really bold.
if you wish that your mother, sister and aunty do not meddle with your life's you must lodge police complaint's against them, if the cops fail to take the complaint, file the complaint directly with the magistrate U/s 200 of Criminal Procedure Code. 
Also in addition you can file a civil suit against these persons and take an injunction order against them from meddling with your life in future. this can be filed by your wife or you can do it also.
If your brother was made to go through the same torture, include him as one of the complainants and file it jointly, it will be stronger as well.
Kiran N. Murthy
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Hi, you can lodge a police complaint against  your aunt and your sister for harassment and if the police has failed to register the complaint then you have to lodge private complaint under section 200 Criminal Procedure Code. 
Pradeep Bharathipura
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If the tortures are beyond tolerance and they (your mother and aunt group) are uncontrollable or if they dont realise their humiliations against you both, you can file a criminal  complaint against them for the criminal intimidation offences.
You have options to even file a defamation case against them as a private complaint with the magistrate court.
You should not lose your patience and indulge in criminal activities against them as a retaliation, this may cause you further problems in your work side too, hence be careful about this and dont get provoked.
T Kalaiselvan
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1) You have been wise and reasonable in standing by your wife through the ill treatment meted out to her by your own family members. Most often the woman fails to get the support of her husband as he will sway and bend towards his mother and be influenced by other members of the family.You are doing a commendable job.

2) As far as legal options available to you against your relatives deliberately damaging the character of you and that of your wife you can file a complaint with the cyber cell of the police   department . For other atrocities that are being done by your relatives you can file a complaint with the police and if the police fails to investigate and the torments still continues you can file a private complaint in the  Magistrate's Court of your area and the police will be ordered by the Magistrate to investigate and report.

3) You can engage a local lawyer to help you with filing of a private complaint if you need help.The best way to get rid of relatives that become a pest in your life is to disregard what they do and ignore them completely.
S J Mathew
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1. Collect evidence of their torture and abusive statements by audio taping the conversations,

2. Let your wife lodge a police complain against them for their said torture,

3. After that file a defamation case against all of hem.
Krishna Kishore Ganguly
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Your wife has been called a prostitute by them, so she can file a criminal case for defamation against them. This apart, if she chooses to reside in her matrimonial home then she can claim protection order through injunction from the court to put an end to further acts of domestic violence directed towards her. Injunction is the most efficacious remedy in these circumstances.
Ashish Davessar
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