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I have joined Country Vacations (CV) membership two weeks back, CV representatives gave presentations and forced us to take decision the same day sitting in one of the room in their office. I paid around 1Lac plus through two of my credit cards. Then later when I came home I checked in google about Country Vacations and found only negative reviews and lot of unsatisfied customer reviews, I was afraid then and went back to their office the next day and requested the representative an explanation and he had no explanation except shouting back at me that happy customers don't share their feedback and hence only negative comments are seen on net.
I have not used any of their facility and I have decided to cancel the membership, can you advice if this is feasible as they have taken my signatures on their agreement which says no refund.

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Since you have taken the membership only two weeks back and also intimated that you took the membership under pressure from the representative, the agreement can be revoked and you would be entitled to a complete refund, if the payment has already been released then you have to issue a legal notice and then proceed to file the complaint before the District consumer forum, at Bangalore.
I have filed similar cases against Country club vacations and the matter is almost reaching finality. You may contact me if you wish to pursue the complaint.
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1) send letter to company that you want to cancel the membership and to refund the Rs 1 lakh paid by you under coercion 

2) in the alternative  follow with the credit card issuer not to pay the sum of rs 1lakh to country vacations as payment was under coercion . 

3) even if agreement says no refund you can seek cancellation of membership and refund of money paid by you 

4) you can move consumer forum against company and seek refund with interest if they fail to refund your money 
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The amount paid if not refundable as per your contract , there is no point in requesting them to return it without you having not experienced the service negative.They will never return the money unless there is something you can allege their inefficiency in service. 
The reviews should have been considered before you agree to the membership. Unfortunately you fell into their intimidating business canvasing  .
You should sue them after using the service in the consumer forum  after sending a legal notice,  if the services turned out o be not up to the standard offered to you. 
As of now verbally if you can demand the money back and they agree to it  is the only possibility, If you send a legal notice seeking the return the sam ewill have no legal base as you are backing out of your own reasons. before using the service.
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Hi, you have to issue a legal notice ask them to refund the amount if they failure to refund the amount then you have to approach consumer court for cancellation of the agreement.
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immediately issue a legal notice to them through counsel and demand your money back within 15 days from receipt of this notice, if they are not ready to make the payment then file a complaint against them before police and court of area where the cause of action arose or where the court is situated.

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There is a legal concept called caveat emptor which demands that the buyer should exercise due diligence before purchasing something, failing which he cannot ordinarily make the seller liable for the condition and quality of goods and services. Once you have made the payment the contract came into existence. You cannot now cancel it to demand the refund of the paid amount on the ground that there are negative reviews of the institution. A contract can be cancelled only if the opposite party has acted in breach thereof. Regardless of the fact that the contract does not permit refund you can claim refund if it is breached.
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1. If there is a no refund/cancellation clause in the agreement signed by you, then it will be fruitless for you to take up the matter legally to cancel the agreement and take back your money,

2. If you still wish to take up the matter legally, you can file a consumer case alleging that the CV Company had concealed the facts from you and got the agreement signed and had the said facts been made known to you, you would have never signed the said agreement.
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The country vacations or any other investments in such type of resorts are just eyewash.  The feedback what you observed through google search is a fact and true expressions of the affected people.  Maximum people who are affected shall send their feed back so that others do not get trapped in the net laid by such unscrupulous people.  in fact there was no compulsion on you to join or make payment immediately.  Nothing prevented you from walking out of the conference room though your name had been announced in the dias as a new member. 
Well, you first write a letter and send it by registered post to the chief of the CV stating that you are unwilling to continue the membership due to personal reasons hence the amount invested by you shall be refunded after deducting the administrative expenses.
If you dont get a reply or proper response, you may issue a legal notice on the same grounds and demand the refund.
If there is no response for this too, you may initiate further legal process by dragging the cv to court of law. 
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