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My husband has been influenced by his parents to divorce me, we have been married for past 1 year, the marriage was against their wishes, but now husband says he is tired of living with me as I keep ill all the time and wants to divorce me. I have been hospitalized 10 times since my marriage, I myself dont know why I keep falling sick, even doctors aren't able to find anything abnormal. I have always been depressed since my marriage and my husband without knowing disturbs me a lot mentally, I was once admitted to the hospital on account of physchosis, now he says he will use that against me while filing for divorce, I am not mentally ill, Its just that he has tortured me emotionally and mentally a lot that I behaved out of my mind. I believe in marriage, its a lifetime commitment for me and I love him a lot too. I don't want divorce. I just want to know what if I am not agreeing for divorce, can he still get it by proving I am not fit to live with him? I am also afraid as I have been threatened a lot by some people that his lawyers will get you to agree for divorce. Please help.
Asked 4 years ago in Family Law from Patna, Bihar
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1) you cant be forced to divorce your husband . if he files for divorce then you can contest it on merits . keep copy of your doctor reports wherein doctors have said there is nothing wrong with your health . 

2) may be the regular mental torture is getting on your nerves . join some yoga classes , do meditation to improve your health . 

3) consult a psychiatrist if necessary
Ajay Sethi
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first of do not worry,let me tell you it is not easy to get divorce by contesting,if you do not want then it will be very  difficult  for him to get divorce
Rajeev Bari
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Fight the case on merit he can not get divorce decree without due procedure of law.
you can file a domestic violence case against him
Nadeem Qureshi
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Your husband can not get divorce on grounds mentioned by you that too if you do not want it. Try to engage yourself in creative jobs. Concentrate on your health as well as your carrier options.
Rajni Sinha
Advocate, Mumbai
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1. Your husband cannot get divorce on his whims and fancies. Neither he nor his lawyers can force you to agree for divorce. You have the right to refuse to divorce him, in which event he shall have the right to apply unilaterally for divorce, whereupon court will issue you a notice and you may fittingly contest his case and get it dismissed.

2. Moreover, he is not even entitled to divorce on account of the health issues you are facing.
Ashish Davessar
Advocate, Jaipur
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u have fair opportunities to contest your divorce case . first bother for your heath
Avdhesh Chaudhary
Advocate, Greater Noida
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