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3 years experience in Advocacy, 3 years experience in Mahindra and Aditya Birla Group and since 2013 am working as Property Lawyer for Law Firm at Bangalore. legalravibt.blogspot.in

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B.T. Ravi's Answers

  • On the death of my father the property was transferred to my mothers name in 1985.It is still in my mothers name. we are 3 brothers and two sisters.we want the property to be...
  • I have applied for my minor kids passport renewal in Gaziabaad PSK. I am staying in a rented accomodation in Noida. My passport has the address of this rented house only....
  • Rights on property after purchasing a site

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  • The ap high court degreed landed property belonging to my mother and grandfather. my two brothers sold away valuable portion of the property while the court case was pending....
  • I have given residential house to someone who wants to use it for commercial purpose.The tenant wants to make rent agreement from the name of his firm. Can rent agreement be...
  • Hi, I am planning to buy a plot at Bangalore from a local real estate vendor. Currently he is having plots in 1 acre and he is planning to extend for 2nd phase with remaining 4...
  • Hello sir,  My father-in-law's sister has transferred her house to my father-in-law in her will. The will has been written in Rs.20 Bond sheet and it has been by two witnesses...
  • Loan closure: Power of Attorney

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  • I am planning to buy a undrconstruction apartment. The land owner and the builder entered in to JDA, which duly registered. However, non of the legal heirs are made party to the...
  • Sale agreement

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