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I am fed up of the cheating done by Mobile Operators esp Vodafone. I have fighting with Vodafone for inflated & discrepant billing for usage of data services. The plan that they have produced and the bill charged was totally different. I am fighting with their Nodal Officers, Ombudsman and other officials through email, but in vain. I do have the copies of that too.

Yesterday i had received a legal Notice from their Company lawyer whose office is in Vashi. I want to contest that. Even I had made online complaint to Consumer Forum too. Please speak to me/assist me a way out. Would be highly grateful.
Asked 3 years ago in Civil Law from Mumbai, Maharashtra
a.  reply legal notice of co. by lawyer only.

b. u can talk to me on phone via this site.

c. u can also send legal notice to co. for inflated bills.
R.K. Nanda
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1) what are he contents of legal notice ? 

2) you have to contact a local lawyer and reply to legal notice . 

3) if you fail to make payment Vodafone will file recovery suit for recovery of outstanding dues . 

4) in your reply to legal notice  you have to mention that plan you had booked and billings are completely at variance . deny your liability to make payment of amount claimed in legal notice
Ajay Sethi
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Send a Legal Notice through your lawyer to the VODAFONE calling them to restrain from fake billing and claim compensation for harassment,failing which you can file a case in District Consumer Forum for deficiency of service and unfair trade practice.
Minansu Bhadra
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1. Reply to the said legal notice,

2. File a complaint case before your local District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum alleging deficiency in service and unfair business practice claiming refund of the amount illegal collected (if any), damage for mental torture & cost.
Krishna Kishore Ganguly
Advocate, Kolkata
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It is important to know the contents of the notice from the company's lawyer to advise you precisely what your reply must be.
1) First of all you need to engage a lawyer locally to assist you further. You can hire one of the panelists from this site if you choose to do so.Opt for a phone consultation firstly. 

2)Regardless of the contents of the lawyer notice, you ought to reply to the notice as soon as possible through a lawyer.In the reply ensure you refute all allegations and clarify your stand.

3) Although you have had several rounds of communication with the telephone company and complained on line to consumer Forum, to take the matter further you need to file a formal complaint in the concerned District Forum.
S J Mathew
Advocate, Mumbai
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If in the legal notice they have asked you to pay the inflated amount on the reasoning that you have used the services then reply to their legal notice through a lawyer but do not attach any documents. Make submissions in writing. If they file a recovery suit against you in District Court then the reply you give for the legal notice will come handy.  Further file a complaint against them in the consumer forum at the earliest. There are lots of cases pending against the telephone companies in the same lines.
Shaveta Sanghi
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1. A legal battle is a battle of principles. So if you are on the right side of law then contest the case regardless of how miniscule the amount demanded by the service provider is.

2. Contact a lawyer and reply immediately through him to the lawyer's notice issued to you. 

3. You cannot be billed with services which you never subscribed. 

4. Along with replying to the lawyer's notice issued to you and contesting the case as and when it is filed against you, you can also file a case for deficiency in service against this service provider in the consumer court and seek heavy damages and compensation.

5. Contest the case fittingly (if and when it is filed) and teach it an unforgettable lesson.
Ashish Davessar
Advocate, Jaipur
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You should collect all evidence and attach it with your reply of notice. Defend your case before consumer forum. Consult any lawyer, he will help you better. Take printout of complaint which you lodges before vodafone office.  
If you had online complaint after receiving vodafone notice then you should answer that notice first and stay the comsumer court proceeding because two proceeding can't run concurrently. If you made online complaint before receiving of legal notice then give answer of that notice and attach that notice in your plaint before consumer court.
Shivendra Pratap Singh
Advocate, Lucknow
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pl respond to notice by consultation with advocate .pursue case in consumer forum with evidences.
Brijendra Kumar Vishwakarma
Advocate, Kanpur
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