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What is the power of attorney revocation process. How much time it takes. Can it be done in one day.
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A. If you want to revoke Power of Attorney, you can issue a legal notice to the holder by highlighting revocation of all the powers which was conferred by you.

B. You need to publish the same in the Local News paper to bring notice to the Public to prevent abuse of power.

C. In case, if the General Power of Attorney was registered, both parties should cancel the same before the Sub Registrar Office. Before executing the same, you can issue a legal notice to the attorney holder. 
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1) you should issue public notice of revocation of POA 

2) infirm the agent in writing that POA has been revoked 

3) if POA is regd revocation had to be regd deed of revocation 
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Immediately file an application for cancellation of POA before the registrar where the power of attorney was registered, it may be revoke on same day.

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The process of revocation of power attorney is execution revocation deed before concerned sub registrar or registering authority. A revocation of power of attorney will be done in one day. You have to prepare with a copy of power of attorney, PP size photographs, residence, ID proofs and two witnesses.   
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1. If the POA is revocable it may be be revoked at any time by simply giving  a legal notice or by the conduct of the person who has given it, whereas an irrevocable Power of Attorney cannot be revoked unless and until conditions expressed therein have been satisfied.

2. Furthermore, if the power of attorney is registered then you have to cancel it through a deed of cancellation/revocation & that too has to be registered. In case the power of attorney is not registered then it can be cancelled by a legal notice to to the person/authority for whom this POA deed was made along with a copy to the person in whose favor this was given. 
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If the power of attorney deed is a registered document then you may have to execute a cancellation/revocation deed duly registered by both the principal and the agent signing the revocation deed before the registrar.

If the POA deed is an unregistered document then a notice communicating the decision of cancelling/revoking the power deed to be sent to the power agent by registered post with acknowledgment card enclosed to it and a newspaper publication to this effect should be published in a local newspaper for the information of general public who might have an interest to deal with the power agent.

Yes the registered cancellation deed can be done in a single day which it has been fixed in agreement with the power agent. 
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1. Is the POA registered?

2. If yes, the you shall have to register a cancellation deed for cancelling the said POA,

3. If notarised, send a letter to te POA holder by speed post informing him about your said cancellation/withdrawal of power given to him through that POA,

4. You can also publish a notice informing the public in general about the said cancellation/withdrawal of the said POA. 
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