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Dear sir i am from small town tanakpur Uttrakhand india .
i love one special girl of my life. she is hindu Brahman by religion and i am christian her femily  members have lock down her even taken mobile phone and we are totally in danger, because they threaten her they will kill her if she try to merry me. i have pland that i will go with her to police station and there i will call there and mine family but i am affried  of her family that they could harm my family too so please guide me what should i do to
Asked 3 years ago in Family Law from Tanakpur, Uttarakhand
Religion: Christian
1) let the girl file police complaint against her family members that she has been placed under house arrest 

2) she can call the emergency police helpline 

3) complaint can also be lodged with state commission of Women 

4) you  can get married under Special Marriage act with your girl friend 

Application form in the prescribed format with the prescribed fee
Passport Size Photographs of Marrying Persons
Residential Proof of Marrying Persons.
Date of Birth Proof of Marrying Persons.
Residential Proof and PAN Card of Three Witnesses

6)he persons intending to register their marriage have to give notice thereof in writing in Triplicate in forms specified under second schedule under Section 5 to the marriage officer of the District in which at least one of the parties to the marriage have reside for a period of not less than 30 days immediately preceding the date on which notice is given.
7) . After the receipt of the notice the marriage officer shall enter a true copy in the marriage notice Book and shall cause the notice to be published in the notice board of his office and also see that the notice is published in the office of the marriage Registrrsa in whose District the parties are permanently residing.
8) . Any person before the expiration of 30 days may make an objection that the marriage contravenes the essential conditions noted above.
9) After the expiry of 30 days of notice the Sub-Registrar shall register the marriage after the Bridegroom and Bride sign a declaration in form specified in
the Third Schedule in the presence of three witness and they should utter in the
language known i(a) take the (b) I take b) to be my lawful wife.
10) The parties may choose any other form like exchanging the Garlands ….etc apart
from the above
11) By this process the marriage is deemed to have been solemnized and the
marriage officer shall enter the particulars in the marriage certificate book and it
will be signed by the partiers to the marriage and Three Witnesses.

12) After the above procedure is over the parties will be issued an extract of the
marriage register.
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1. Instead of going to the police station you should immediately move the High Court to have your gf released from the shackles imposed on her by her family members.

2. The HC can also grant protection to both of you. 

3. Do not waste time. Engage a lawyer and get going. 
Ashish Davessar
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This is not a strange thing in the world that lovers getting threats from the parents opposing their love and marriage.
Also, it cannot be said that inter religion marriage is new thing to the  world.
There is a protection in law itself for such marriages.
If the girl's parents are forcefully confining her in the house against her wishes and if she is a major by age, it can be considered as an illegal act for which you can  seek the help of police to rescue her out of her house. 
If the local police is of no help, you can petition the higher police official of the district for help and protection and can barge into the house to rescue her, you can  also take the help of media persons to cover the incident so that the police will have some fear to favor the girls parents. 
Nothing to worry, have support of your friends and relatives  while venturing into the said event.
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1. You two shall have to decide as to what will you do against such stiff and violent resistance from her family members,

2. If both of you agree, then you can marry under special marriage act duly following the law,

3. Before and after marriage lodge police complant and also file a petition before the district Judge praying for police protection.
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File a habeas corpus petition before high court soon . If she attain the majority her decision  whether she is living with you or with parents. If she decided to living with you then married under Special Marriage act .If you needed a protection from her family apply for the same before High court. The High court can also grant police protection to both of you.
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File a complaint against them before criminal court under section 97 of criminal procedure code for search warrant and release from wrongful confinement if the girl is in your favour and also major then the court may record her statement and proceed legally.

After that if she is ready then marry with her as per law
Nadeem Qureshi
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