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I am living in same house last 7+ years and every year what ever house owner asking for rent incremental we are agreeing for the same. In last Aug while renual  I have told owner that I am planning to vacate in summer holidays..etc.  Later in May I have communicated owner that I purchased a flat which suppose to complete by May, but it is taking additional 3 months for completion and requested for extension. Owner agreed by increasing Rs 1000 more in resnt.   

Later the house owner wife started creating nucense that using un parlimentory language on our family members un necessarily with loud voice and asking us vacate the house and go out to road....etc.  Few days we keep quite respective her age, but she is behaving too much and every day she to creating some nonsense.........

What actions I can initiate legally against her  to not shout and use un parliamentary language until we will vacate the house ( 3 months).
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1) ignore her . dont enter into any verbal arguments with old lady 

2) if situation continues record the conversation .

3) ask your wife to lodge  police complaint of criminal intimidation against the lady under section 506 of IPC 
Ajay Sethi
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you can complain to the nearest police station and if they fail to take any action then you can take an injunction against your owner and his wife from entering into your house and using un-parliamentary language against you or trying to force you out of the demised/rented premises.
This can buy you peace of mind till your apartment is duly completed and you are able to move in.
Kiran N. Murthy
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Hi, it is better you ignore it and stay for 3 months, if you go for legally you have to file a suit and it will take time or else you have to lodge a police complaint then she will crate a problem when you are vacating the property.

2. It is better you ignore her because you are in receiving end. 
Pradeep Bharathipura
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It is advisable to first speak with the owner of the house asking them to tell the lady to mend her ways. Do not retaliate or speak with the lady. If she does not mend her ways, police must be informed for taking necessary action. In worst circumstances if that doesnt work out, send a legal notice asking them to desist such wrong doing else legal consequences shall follow. U can thereafter file a suit for injunction against the lady if the problem still persists.
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1.  If the rent agreement has been renewed you cannot be evicted before the expiry of the lease.

2. To make her mend her ways you may issue a lawyer's notice to her. If this also does not help the cause you may go to court and seek a restraint order against her.
Ashish Davessar
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This is nuisance for which  issuing notice will not solve the problem.  If the nuisance is beyond tolerance and had been intentional, you may prefer a complaint with the local  police against the land lady for creating nuisance, interfering in your peaceful occupation and for using bad language as well as criminal intimidation.
Once the police enters the scene and behaves tough with them, she will become alright. Moreover she cannot ask you to  vacate immediately, if at all she has any problem to vacate you, she has to approach court alone and cannot take law in her hand.  
T Kalaiselvan
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1. Is the house owner aware of the utterances of his wife towards the tenant.
2. Is there a rental agreement subsisting now between the owner & the tenant..
3. Convince the house owner to persuade his wife to desist from such utterances against the tenant.
4. If such unparliamentary language is used again by the lady, complain against her to the jurisdictional Police Station.
5. You can also serve a legal notice to the owner of the house as to why he is not taking any action in controlling his wife, who is creating nuisance to the tenant.
Shashidhar S. Sastry
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File police complaint against her in the jurisdictional police station. They will warn her properly.
Sandeep Hegde
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