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I got married in 2014, it was arrange marriage. Presently me and my husband are living in USA while my in-laws are living in India. My husband works in a Private MNC in USA under H1B VISA.  Ever since we got married there are lot of tensions going on because of my parent's immature behavior. They always misunderstand my in-laws and my husband.

 It all started from the time of marriage- At the day of marriage there was some misunderstanding between both the family which lead to a heated argument but somehow situation was controlled by our relatives and we got married, afterwards from my in- laws side things became normal, but me and my parents thought that my mother-in law is not a good lady and we used to think that she always influence her son and because of that we both used to argue. 

But when I started living with my in-laws, I found that they are not bad at all. My in-laws used to understand me, took care of me and given me lot of love. Gradually I started realizing that I misunderstood them because of my parent's influence. Later i apologize with my in-laws for my wrong thinking.

I understood my in-laws and my husband but in my parents remained on the same page, many a times i tried to explain them that whatever they are thinking about my my-laws is not right. Its been a year explaining them in all my ways but its of no use because they don't understand anything, they have made their opinion about my in-laws and my husband and they don't want to change. 

They always interfere in my married life which me and my husband does not like it. For example they asked my husband to buy a mobile for their daughter which should be me and my husband's decision, how much my husband is spending on me etc. 

This is not only the end, my parents went to my in-laws relatives and spread lot of rumors like they are unable to talk with their daughter, my husband is threatening me for divorce and many more things, but still we both tried hard to explain them that this is not good to insult my married life among relative. I keep on saying again and again that everything is fine, I am happy in my married life but they never listen. Whenever i feel like explaining them anything is like a hitting your head into the wall. I lost my patience and composure because it has ruined my one year of married life.

Now the scenario is that me and my parents usually have heated conversation and it ends up abusing each other. During an argument my parents always say that "You both now be prepared to come to India", "Will file a mental harassment case". etc.

Now me and my husband are worried what if my parents file any case against my in-laws or my husband.

Please suggest me:
What are the steps I can take in advance to protect me, my husband's carrier and my-in-laws from any coming trouble because of my parents insane behavior?

What worse steps my parents can take to hurt me and my in-laws as well as my husband's carrier?.
Asked 3 years ago in Civil Law from United States
Hi, your parents can not file any case or complaint against your in laws or your husband  without your consent.
2. If they filed it is not valid one in the eye of law because you and your husband living comfortably and if there is any trouble from the side of husband or relatives of the husband then you being the aggrieved party not your parents so complaint filed by your parents is not tenable.
Pradeep Bharathipura
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1. Your parents have no legs to stand against you, your husband or in-laws in the court in so far as a case for mental harassment is concerned.

2. In the worst cum scenario if some criminal case is filed by your parents then take pre-arrest bail to avoid your arrest. 

3. Your mere statement that you have not been harassed by your husband and/or in-laws will be the last nail in the coffin of the case. 

4. In such circumstances it will be prudent on your parent to either file a police complaint against your parents or seek a restraint order from the court against them so that they cannot do any damage to your husband's career.
Ashish Davessar
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1) you have no reason to fear . your parents cannot harm your husband career 

2) your parents cannot file any complaint that you have been harassed by your husband and in laws . it is your testimony that counts . 

3) keep some distance from your parents . dont come back to india . the further you are from your parents the less chances are that your parents will be able to create misunderstandings between you and your husband .
Ajay Sethi
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No need to worry,

they can not do anything wrong against you, your husband or your in-laws.

if you want then you can take help of police personnel and get relief.

you may file a civil suit before civil court and get a restrain order.
Nadeem Qureshi
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1) It is no reason to believe that your parents will succeed in filing any cases against your husband or in laws for harassment as you need to testify to prove harassment.

2)  In case they file any criminal case contest it . Take your husband and on laws into confidence and file a report with the local police about the possibility of complaints that sold not be entertained.

3) Your in laws and your husband had the option to prosecute your parents against malicious prosecution.
S J Mathew
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1. Your parents can do nothing to your husband and his families unless you join them,

2. Police or Court will not give cognisance to their any complaint for harassment by your inlaws to you, if you do not join them,

3. On the contrary you can send a letter to your police stating that due to misunderstanding your parents may lodge a false complaint of harassment on you by  your husband and inlaws which should beignored.
Krishna Kishore Ganguly
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