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My grandfather owns a plot in Hyderabad and he expired in September 2009. As per will, my father was the sole heir of the property. After that we didnt change or transfer the property to my father's name. Now my father also passed away last year but he didnt make any will. I want to know how I can transfer the property to my Mother's name and my name. Do I need to pay any fees for transfer of property to our name
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1) on your grand father demise your grand mother , your father  and his siblings  were legal heirs to the property

2) if grand father had left a will your father should have enclosed copy of will, death certificate  and made application for mutation of property in his name . 

3) you and your mother should make an application before tehsildar  for mutation of property in your names . enclose death certificate of grand father , father , death certificates . will of grand father ., your ration card , birth certificate 

4) also enclose property tax paid receipts . 

5) property will be mutated in your name and that of your mother after a month or so
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Hi, you have to change the katha of the property from your grandfather  to your father since your father was also died so anexxed the copy of the will and death certificates of your grandfather and father to change of katha to concerned authority for transfer of katha in favour of your mother and yourself.
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1. On the death of your grand father and father the property by rule of succession automatically devolves upon you and your mother if there is no other legal heir other than you and your mother.

2. now on the basis of the death certificate and succession certificate/heirship certificate you can apply for mutation of your respective names in the register of the property.
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1. How many siblings do you have?

2. According to the will left by your grand father, your father was the absolute owner of the properties owned by your grand father. 

3. Since your father died without making a will, all the properties owned by him including those received through inheritance, will devolve equally on all his legal heirs. 

4. You should now apply for mutation of the property by annexing the death certificate of your father and grand father, a copy of the will made by your grand father in favour of your deceased father, a copy of your own birth certificate and receipts of the property/house tax.
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After the death of owner of a property his heirs, such as wife, children i.e. male and female, married or unmarried may, as per respective personal law, get the Patta/Khata transferred on production of death certificate of the owner with details of property held by him to the following officers.
If property is an agricultural land – Mandal Revenue Officer ( under Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Land Revenue Act); if property is house or vacant land in a city/village other than agricultural land -- Offices of Corporation, Municipality, Panchayat or City survey if such office exists.

 1. You should approach your Tahasildar/ Mumnicipality/corporation office(as per your area) and apply for transfer(mutation), by this you can transfer the property in the your and your mother's name.

2. If you have any other siblings, you also have to obtain an NOC from them that they have no objection in transferring the property in your and your mother's name..

3. The documents needed to change the title in both of your name ,  are  the death certificate of your father, and grand father, your  ration card, The WILL by the grand father and papers pertaining the property , along with NOC if you have any siblings. if you inquire in the tahasildar office  , they will tell you the required documents and the procedure.
4. A nominal fee has to be paid  while applying for mutation (transfer) of khata/ patta
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1) As your grand father and father passed away you can certainly apply for mutation of the property in your and your mother's name.

2) As the grandfather had willed the property in your father's name and as he was the only heir, there should not be any problems with regard to the mutation.

3) You need to apply before  the tehsildar for the mutation of the property in your and your mother's names. You need to produce the death certificates of both father and grandfather in the original, your ration card and birth certificate and tax paid receipts.

4) There is a nominal fee involved while applying for mutation as you apply and usually it would be disposed off summarily.
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1. Pay the property tax up to date,

2. Both you and your mother shall have to file an application before the local Tehshilder for mutating the property in both of your names,

3. You shall have to submit the death certificates of both your grand father and father, Will of your grandfather, legal heirs certificate of your father's property, up dated tax receipts,

4. The property will now be mutated in both of your names.
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