• How can I file case against girl who cheated me

1.A girl who used me emotionally for 10 yrs now she cheated me , not only cheated but attacked with two boys at durgapur at 2nd july 2016.
2.I have all proof as photographs, mails, her letter written etc, .
3.Even i have proof of her friend voice recording ....she also came to attack to my house with two boys ....my sister is evidence n also my neibhours.
4.Plz advice me wht should i do according to law under whic section i file case.
5. Wht legal steps should i take to treat her a lesson.
          Plz advice me in details how should I take legal steps properly show in future she doesnt harass r attack me.
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1) you have not mentioned what were the injuries suffered by you during attack . if you were griveously injured file police complaint against girl and her 2 boy friend s under section 320 of IPC for grievous assault 

2)Section 320 in The Indian Penal Code
320. Grievous hurt.—The following kinds of hurt only are desig­nated as “grievous”:—
(First) — Emasculation.
(Secondly) —Permanent privation of the sight of either eye.
(Thirdly) — Permanent privation of the hearing of either ear,
(Fourthly) —Privation of any member or joint.
(Fifthly) — Destruction or permanent impairing of the powers of any member or joint.
(Sixthly) — Permanent disfiguration of the head or face.
(Seventhly) —Fracture or dislocation of a bone or tooth.
(Eighthly) —Any hurt which endangers life or which causes the sufferer to be during the space of twenty days in severe bodily pain, or unable to follow his ordinary pursuits.
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To emotionally fox someone is not an act of cheating in legal parlance, but you can certainly file a FIR for criminal intimidation and also attempt to murder or causing grievous heart against her and attackers depending on the wespons used and the injuries inflicted on you.
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File a complaint against her and her friends before the police or court for their offence under section 323/452/504/506/34 of IPC for attacks, enter in the house, intimidation and abuse.

They can be prosecuted as per law.

Feel free to call
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q. For cheating of girlfriend on relationship with her boyfriend no case lies.
2. However during your relationship if she made economic fraud upon you or assaulted  on you as you said then you can lodge complaint of cheating of money and assault against her.
3. However I repeat no case lies on her only because she has left you.
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Dear Concerned, 

You can file a case of cheating , extortion and physical assault on the Girl and her two friends. You would need to write in detail the complaint about your relationship (this is to save you from any false counter complaint) and do mention that she is blackmailing you for money or else she would put false cases against you. 

This complaint need to be filed at your nearest police station. 

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1. You can not legally take action against the girl for refusing to marry you after keeping long relationship with and also promising marriage to you since this promise can not be treated as contract/agreement for suing her  before the Court of law.

2. However, you can lodge a police complaint against her and her accomplishes for attacking you at your house and for assaulting you.

3. If police fails to take any action against her, you can file a Writ Petition against the police for its inaction seeking justice.
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For assaults agaisnt you by her and her accomplice, you have nothing to do except lodging a criminal complaint agaisnt them for the offences of criminal intimidate and attempt to murder.

You cannot file a cheating case agaisnt her since you have stayed with her for around 10 years.

If she has not returned the money borrowed from you then you can issue  legal demand notice and subseuently file a money recovery  suit agaisnt her.
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