• Girlfriend threatening to suicide if I don't marry her

I had a physical relation with a girl without any commitment of marrying her. Besides this now she is forcing me to marry her else she will commit suicide. It was very clear since the beginning, but as time passed she grown more adamant and started threatening to commit suicide If I don’t marry her. Force by such threat I continued the relationship hoping she will understand the situation some day. I had already stated her that that my family is completely dependent over me and such step to marry a girl from different cast will devastate my parents. Also it is very difficult to stay for a life time with such an adamant girl who threats me for every small and big thing. The same I communicated to her parents to take care of her and prevent her from such activities, but they didn’t seem taking it seriously. Also they too force me to marry her. She is staying alone in Delhi, and even don’t have much friends here. Previous to me she also had a boyfriend and had physical relation with him too. Now I am not in contact with her informing falsely that I have some health issue and not present where she can contact me. This is an honest attempt to let her learn to live by her own. But now she is chasing my family and friends continuously.
How to deal with such situation?
How legally and morally I can settle the situation?
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1) it was consensual relationship and you cannot be forced to marry her against your wishes

2) you never had sex with her under promise of marriage 

3) lodge NC with  local police station about gf constant threats to commit suicide 

4) obtain AB if she files false rape case against you 
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Now you are in trouble .Having sex with a girl on the promise of marriage and later refusing to tie the knot on flimsy grounds amounts to commission of rape particularly when the boy from very inception had no intention of marrying the girl. Sexual exploitation’ on promise of marriage happened here .The act of you also amounts to cheating as defined in Section 415, I.P.C. and as such prima facie amounts to an offence under Section 417, I.P.C. Besides this act of cheating, and you have indulged in assaulting the intimidating the girl which prima facie would give rise to an offences under Sections 323, and 506, I.P.C

If the girl filed a case against for cheating and rape you will be prosecuting by law. Settle the matter amicable with at most care for free from this cage.
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Dear concerned 

Thai girl seems to have some psycho  issues. You need to tell her clearly that you are not interested in her anymore . On her suicide attempting .....you should give a complaint to your area police station and mention that so and so is blackmailing you to marry you...and also threatening your parents.  

On the other hand .......BEST is don't contact this girl. Ask your parents and friends not to entertain her at all and tell them to tell her it's your matter deal with it yourself we have nothing to do with it. 

Best of luck 
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The life without direction often lead a person like you to such travails.
Considering her conduct you should not have continued fun moments with her.
Try to settle the dispute amicably as you have no other option.
Do note the girl can anytime lodge complaint with police alleging sex on promise of marriage which is nothing but rape.
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Going by your query it appears that you had a consensual sexual relationship with the girl. I emphasise the word consensual. Consensual means having her consent. At the same time it was also made very clear by you, since beginning to her that you were not committing to marry her. If, with this full understanding she entered the consensual sexual relationship with you, (and assuming that both of you are adults having crossed 18 years of age, at the time of indulging in the first sexual intercourse), there does not appear to be anything illegal with what you did.

The problem stated by you appears to be that she's now after you and your family, forcing you for marrying her, which you do not want. 

But the potential problem that I see is that (and please do not misunderstand me to mean that I'm instilling some kind of fear in you, and that's why I have used the word "potential") in the event of you refusing to marry her, or your family not permitting you to marry her, if she gets provoked, she might lodge a false claim of rape against you, in future, and that might land you in trouble. This is only a possibility, and may not even turn out to be true. So just don't be panicky.

For such an eventuality (I pray to Lord, that they should not happen with you), you will have to prepare yourself beforehand by collecting, and keeping ready with you the bits and pieces of evidence which would prove that the physical relationship that she kept with you was with her full consent. So, start collecting such bits and pieces of evidences about the consensual nature of your sexual relationship with her, from whatever sources possible.

In addition, you may also get her oral admissions with regard to consensual nature of your physical relationship recorded either on phone, or during face-to-face conversation. And carefully preserve such recordings for future use.

As regards she harassing you and your family members, I would suggest that the best way to handle the situation would be to handle it tactfully, and in any case avoid provoking her or any of her family member so that either she or they may not land you in further criminal legal trouble. You will have to figure out ways to do this, for yourself.

In the event of any possibility of any such criminal case being filed by her against you or your family members, in future, be prepared to secure anticipatory bail from the concerned criminal Court in your area.

But for the time being, handle the situation very tactfully and make efforts to convince her and her family members that it may not be in her best interests to marry you.

All the best!
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Hey there.... to run frm her would be temporary. You can make her new frnd. Maybe ur frnd frnd and let them meet alone. In the other sense gve then some chances to meet alone. Her attraction will drawn to him and she will let u go slowly.

Other way around is pick job in other state and also ask her to indulge in her carer. Try to tlk less and let her feel relaxed that u r not avoiding her but u r much busy in ur daily schedule. 
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File a police complaint against her to the effect that she is threatening to end her life and implicate you for it. Send the complaint through a registered post with acknowledgment. This apart, you may also file a suit for injunction to restrain her from communicating with you in any manner and also to prevent her from harassing you with the instrument of law.
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 If her threats are consistent in nature, you may lodge a complaint with the jurisdiction police giving complete details and a detailed version of her tortures.
You can mention that you both were in live in   relationship without any commitment from each side, but she is taking advantage of the togetherness and threatening you with larger demands including marriage.
The complaint may be given in the form of NCR, so that police will keep a watch over the situation and it may protect you as a shield if she tries to commit suicide at a later stage.
What her parents opining about this?
Have you informed your parents about this and sought their advise on further steps?
If not, then do it immediately because they only can take steps to save you from any disaster. 
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