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Hello Sir, I need your advice on my airtel mobile bill. Last month i activated my international roaming and after that I travelled to Abu Dhabi, as soon as i landed there i switched on my cell and forgot to off the mobile data and it was on for 30 just minutes with the cell phone in my pocket. Now airtel has sent me a bill of rupees 19666 /- by saying that i used 2000 mb data on international roaming. I tried to speak with the customer support they said i have to pay this bill as i used the data. But my point is i never used the data as the cell phone was in pocket, i only have whatsapp account and no face book account, ok lets consider whats app was running in backhand but there was no messsaging no video downloading, no browsing at all. Sir please help me i am feeling very cheated by airtel.
Asked 2 years ago in Civil Law from Nagpur, Maharashtra
1) ask Airtel to furnish details of 2000 MB data data allegedly used by you on international roaming . 

2) you can complain to TRAI against AIrtel 

3)Go online at the Telecom Consumer Complaints Monitoring System (TCCMS) to lodge an official complaint with TRAI. Fill in the details of your telecom circle, service provider and region. You will get the contact details of the service provider to make your complaint
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TRAI has taken several measures to protect the interests of consumers of telecom services.. The time limit allowed by TRAI for a billing complaint (post-paid connections) and charging complaint (pre-paid connections) has to be resolved within 4 weeks. Any credit/ waiver/ adjustment, arising out of such resolution of complaint has to be made to customer’s account within one week of resolution of the complaint.The TRAI Act, 1997 does not envisage handling of individual consumer complaints by TRAI. As per the Telecom Consumers Protection and Redressal of Grievances Regulations, 2007, in case a consumer has a complaint, the first step is to register the complaint at the toll free Call Centre number of the service provider and obtain a docket number, confirming registration of the complaint.

Ask a detail bill and details of 2000 MB data usage. After getting the same send a legal notice to them and file a case before RTI.

Change the provider for getting uninterrupted connections,use the porting facility and conduct the case if Airtel file the case against you.
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It is not unusual for telecom companies to bill the customer for a usage which has not taken place. You should send a written complaint to the service provider to ventilate your grievance and seek the waiver of the charges which have been levied despite the fact that you did not use the data. If this does not fructify then you may move the Consumer Forum to dispute the correctness of the bill and seek compensation for wrongful levy of the charges,
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Hi, Don't pay the bill, if the company want to recover the amount then they have to file a suit for recovery, then you will get every opportunity to put forth your case.
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Once the instrument is switched on especially during roaming, the service providers have fed their computers to immediately keep track on it and avail as much as possible to earn from it.  Even the fraction of second is counted during roaming.
This is a computer generated bill, hence the service provider will not be willing to withdraw his bills, of course you may try through lok adalat route for reduction in bill by not paying it now and wait for the summons from court on the recover case filed by the service provider.
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