• What is fees & time for property paper verification in Bangalore?

I'm planning to buy a property from a local builder in Bangalore. He's saying that he'd give us an OC. The property paper involves a GPA and also I'm not sure if all the required approvals are there so that we can get an OC after construction completion.
The builder is saying that he would get the registration done soon, however he might not give us the possession till early next year. So I'm doubtful towards the OC.
So I want to get the papers verified by a good lawyer. So I just want to know what is the general fees a lawyer charges for property paper verification and also the time it takes to do the verification.

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1) the lawyer will have to take 30 years search in sub registrar office to check whether builder has clear and marketable title 

2)lawyer will have to based on search report certify whether title is clear and marketable and free from encumbrances 

3( legal fees vary 

4) it would take around 15 days time 
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1. The possession has to be delivered within the time frame incorporated in the sale agreement, failing which you can sue the builder to either recover the possession or the amount paid to him with compensation for delay.

2. There is nothing such as 'general fee' of lawyer. There is no fixed fee structure for the fee of lawyers. If you engage a competent lawyer for the purpose then be prepared to shell out at least one lakh. It should not take more than 2 weeks for him to complete the due diligence,
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Hi sir/madam, property document verification it means all particular documents to check and entry and registration numbers of the documents in respect of concerned registers in the concerned departments/sections, it will take minimum one week. The lawyers will charged starts from the Rs.5,000/- to 25,000/- it will depend upon the circumstances of the facts and documents. If you want my service in this regard I will do it.
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There is no fixed fee for lawyers on any particular task.  You want to take a legal opinion to purchase the property after vetting all the documents and relevant papers properly. 
You may have to consult a skilled experienced lawyer who is well versed with the subject knowledge.  The fee aspect will be let known by the lawyer who you would be consulting.
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1. Collect all the papers related to the property and conduct a due diligence of the property  by making  at least 13 years search of the property,

2. Collect the offer letter or brochure of the builder inviting buyers to buy the property,

3. After that get a agreement for sale executed incorporating the minutest of details,

4. Engage a local lawyer having expertise in the field of dealing with property matters to conduct due diligence in this regard,

5. After being thoroughly satisfied, book he property,

6. The fees for verifying the property papers should be within Rs.10 K though it varies from place to place and lawyer to lawyer.

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A. Unless obtained OC, you will have no marketable title over the property and you never permitted under the law to occupy the premises. Generally, majority builder will register the property before completion by mentioning the OC commitment clause in the Sale Deed or agreement.

B. You can choose any advocate from this blog by consulting admin of this website. 

C. You need to pay the legal fee based on advocate legal fee structure. There is fixed legal fee and it may be varied from one advocate to another advocate.

D. Once you provide the legal documents then the preliminary report will be given. Thereafter, if any documents is required based on submitted documents that they may ask more documents. Later, after satisfaction of the counsel they will release the final report. It is also depends upon advocate's caliber and charismatic. 
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