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I am a PGDM student from a Bangalore based b-school. My program comprises of a couple of global trips. Initially, I was told that the program is different from the regular PGDM course (not in written). Later I understood that it is a normal PGDM course and I have to write exams in India itself, and global program will not be considered into this course, as I will be missing classes here when abroad, I wanted to drop from the global trips. For this college did not accept and said they consider me as a special student and make sure I clear the exams. Taking this for granted I attended global trips , secured grade A , returned back to India and attended exams here without any preparation. when the results were out they mentioned mine as not processed and just before 10 days of supplementary exam dates, they said I failed in 5 subjects out of 8. I wrote them again without any preparation and secured just pass marks. I spent two valuable years and gained nothing. How can I take action? 

Kindly show a way.

Thank you.
Asked 3 years ago in Civil Law from Bangalore, Karnataka
1. What is told orally cannot be enforced in the court. Unless the promise which was made to you is reduced to writing you stand no chance of success in any legal pursuit before any court. 

2. If you have a document which has a clear mention of the fact that the program is not a regular PGDM course then you may sue the school for damages. 
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which type of action do you want to take against them?

can you prove that they told that this program is different from regular PGDM Course which was not written?

if yes then you may file a complaint before  consumer court/forum against them and claim compensation.

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I) f you have failed in 5 out of 8 subjects you can ask for revaluation of your papers 

2) if you did not study and just secured pass marks in suplementary exams the b school is not bound to give you good grades in the results declared by the school 

3) you cannot take any action against B school if you have scored poor marks . You can only seek revaluation of your papers 

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The specialized PGDM programs are more advanced, intensive and deliver wider exposure to students.
And Option of term-abroad with international partner B-Schools and it provide the opportunity to deal with multiple cultures, languages and personalities for a better experience and exposure. 
It is the duty of the student to study well other wise they will fail in the exam. If you got pass mark because you are not properly wrote the answers in answer sheet. So how can we prosecute B grade school?  

Don't be disappointed now. The exam mark is not affect in future life if you can get success in your profession well.
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Since it was your responsibility to study and appear in the exams, which you failed to do so, you cannot take any legal action against the B-School. They never promised you grades without you performing well in the exams. However if you have anything is writing which shows the intention of the B-School that they will make sure that you pass being a special student, you would be able to get damages from the school otherwise there is no case.
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1. What gain did you expect from the said Institute which they had promised you but refused to give?

2. It is surprising he the global trip they conduecetd where you gor A grade was not made part of their Course,

3. However, if you find that the Institute has not performed as per its assurance in the booklet provided by it while admitting you, you can file a consumer case before he Consumer Court.
Krishna Kishore Ganguly
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