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1. I want to get an agreement to be made for renting out my flat. The flat is in Purulia, West Bengal. 
2. What all details I need to share in this regard for helping me to draft the agreement
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1) period of leave and licence agreement should be mentioned 

2) amount of licence fees should've mentioned 

3)security deposit amount should be stated 

4) penalty for not vacating premises on expiry should be mentioned 

5) get it drafted by local lawyer

6) have agreement duly stamped and regd

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1. The details will be subject to the nature of the property to be rented and the rights to be created therein. 

2. Get the agreement drafted from a lawyer. 

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name of the both parties
address of house
intention to create relation of tenant - landlord
duration of tenancy
protection of rented house form any damage, illegal use, re let, sub tenant, payment of electricity etc
inspection right to landlord
indemnity clause for any loss occurred by  landlord.
arbitration clause for any dispute arises in future.
free consent
amount of rent
mode of payment
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The following details will help you for draft an agreement.
1.	Correct address of Lessor and lessee.
2.	Check the signed person has legal right over the rented premise or has  absolute ownership  
3.	Details of rented premises (No of the building and address)
4.	terms and conditions under which the property is given on rent
5.	The agreement should also clearly mention the day before which the rent is expected to be paid. If the tenant fails to pay the rent before the predetermined period, the penal charges that he would be liable to pay should also be defined in the agreement. mention the facilities, such as parking space or the usage of society's gym, included with the property
6.	the notice period and penalty for cancelling the agreement without completing the specified period

                                                        Model agreement 

This LEASE DEED executed on this the 00th day of February, Two Thousand and Fourteen, between Mr xxxx aged xxx years, S/o xxxxx,xxxx house,xxx village ,xxxxx - 683513 xxxxxDistrict  (hereinafter referred to as the “LESSOR”) AND
Mr xxxx aged xxx years, S/o xxxxx,xxxx house,xxx village ,xxxxx - 683513 xxxxxDistrict  (hereinafter referred to as the “LESSEE”)

WHEREAS the Lessor is the owner of the Building 14/195, xxx village ,xxxxx - 683513 xxxxxDistrict  

WHEREAS the Lessor has let on lease and the Lessee has taken on lease the said premises along with a car parking on a monthly rent of Rs.4,000/- (Rupees Four thousand only) [maintenance charges extra or water charges of Rs.2,000] which the Lessee shall pay on or before the 5th day of subsequent month. Payment of rent and maintenance charges should be on cheque.

NOW THIS LEASE DEED confirms and records herein below the terms and conditions of the lease agreed upon between the aforesaid parties:-
1.	The lease is fixed for a period of eleven months from 25th April 2012 at the expiry of which period the lessee should give vacant possession of the building to the Lessor. 
2.	The Lessee shall keep the building in a neat and good condition and shall take care of all the electric fittings, points, lights, sanitary and fans in and about the building all of which belong to the Lessor.
3.	The lessee shall use the flat concerned as his business place and shall not sublet and / or transfer possession of the building or any part thereof to anyone else without the written consent of the Lessor.
4.	The Lessee shall pay all the electric energy consumption charges for the aforesaid flat and as per the bills given by the E.B and give photocopy of the receipts to the Lessor regularly. 
5.	The Lessee shall not carry any addition, alteration or improvements in or about the Building concerned without written consent of the Lessor.
6.	The Lessee shall not store or cause to be stored any combustible or inflammable materials or items anywhere in the building or its premises.
7.	The Lessor or any one authorized by him in writing shall have right to enter the building to take care of the property in general at all reasonable hours without in any way interfering or causing inconvenience to the peaceful possession and occupation of the building concerned by the Lessee.
8.	If the Lessor or Lessee wants to terminate the Lease before the expiry of the period of lease, then the party who required to do so shall give to the other, one month's notice in writing expiring with the end of any English calendar month.
9.	The Lessee has on this day paid a sum of Rs 50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand only) towards interest free security deposit, which shall be refunded on termination of this lease agreement. After deducting any dues to the Lessor.
10.	If the Lessee discontinuing before eleven months the brokerage amount should be return to the Lessor without any notice.
11.	That the Lessee shall vacate the premises after the expiry of the 11 months and in case if the lease period is extended and in that even the Lessee shall pay a 5% increase in the total agreed monthly rent for the period after the expiry of the 11 month’s from 20th February 2014 onwards.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties aforesaid have signed and executed this LEASE DEED the day month and year mentioned at the outset in the present of the witnesses below:

Mr. ……………..  							XXXXX
	(Lessor)							(Lessee)

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1. Better go for 11 months leave and license agreement which is not required to be registered,

2. With this L & L Agreement, you can ask him to vacate your premise after 11 months and/or may extend it, if you so wishe,

3. Engage a locallawyer to raft the said aL & L Agreement safe guarding your interest.
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The details of the parties and the property. The months required for the rent deed and the terms you want to settle wth. the proof of identity of the parties. 
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