• Harassed by my in-laws for money

i m 28 years old my i m been married for two years my mother in laws torture me and shout and use abusing words for me and my family and demand for money as i m working she wants that i should give money to her. my husband is not involve in this usually she harass me in his absence , my husband small brother threaten me to beat along with sister of him 

please guide me is there any law which i can stop all this and husband will also be safe
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1) file domestic violence case against your mother in law and your brother and seek protection order against continuous mental torture undergone by you . 

2)record the abuses given by your MIL and BIl . 

3) in the alternative convince your husband to stay separate from his family 

4)  he can keep on visiting them but should stay separate . 

5) you can also file 498A case if you are victim of dowry harassment
Ajay Sethi
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please proceed by filing of a petition under under the protection of women from domestic violence act against all the people who are harassing you in the household. this way you can maintain your peace and continue to stay normally in the same household and they will have to behave themselves. your husband should however be taken into confidence and you need to ensure he doesn't start following the same behavior.

for dowry harassment you may file FIR u/s 498-A along with Section 506 etc. but this step may be saved for later.
Tulika Prakash
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Better talk to your husband and through intervention of family members/elders try to resolve the problem. If not possible, then you may file complaint under DV Act against them and seek protection order, separate residence and other reliefs.
S.P. Srivastava
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1. This is a common phenomenon in many household. it is good that your husband is caring and affectionate to you. if that is so then all other problems are nothing.

2. Try to be reasonable with your MIL. If she persists in tortures against you then getting separated from her remains an option , if, your husband is not so unwilling.

3. The law is there against marital tortures but I belive that may wreck your marriage and hence the risk is not worht taking.
Devajyoti Barman
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handle this issue with extra caution and calm mind. if your mother in law and younger brother of your husband commit any violence against you then you can file application for appropriate relief under DV Act, intimate this issue to protection officer and your parents also and let them specially your husband to decide what should be the proper relief for you. If you will get no relief then you can file criminal case under section 498 A IPC. But right now try to manage and convey this issue to your husband.
Shivendra Pratap Singh
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Dear Querist
You may file a complaint before Magistrate u/s 12 of Protection of Women From Domestic Violence Act-2005, read with section 17/18/19 of the act and claim, protection and residence order.

You may contact a lawyer personally or over the phone to get best advise.
Nadeem Qureshi
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1. Convince your husband to interfere and/or take up a seperate residence for you to live peacefully,

2. Collect evidence in the form of audio recording to use in future,

3. If the torture becomes unbearable to you, lodge a police complaint u/s498A of IPC against your mothrt in law and brother in law,

4. I suggest you to consult with your husband about the said police complaint as otherwise any such filing of police complaint against his mother and brother without his knowledge may spoil your relationship with him completely.
Krishna Kishore Ganguly
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1. You can lodge a complaint for dowry harassment and also domestic violence against your mother-in-law. These laws have been made only for women like you who are subjected to violence by husband/in-laws.

2.  Since in your case it is your mother in law and your brother in law you can seek a protection order from the court by taking out domestic violence proceedings against them. Your mere statement will suffice.

3. For dowry harassment, if any, they can be arrested and prosecuted.
Ashish Davessar
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