• Want to purchase land in Bhopal

I am planning to purchase a piece of land in Bhopal (M.P) approx 5000sqft. The land is agricultural land  and the seller is selling it as farm houses. I am worried about the following things

1.0 Weather land can be converted into residential purpose? 
2.0 How to know whether the land belongs to Nazul.
3.0 If i build a house on the land will municipal corporation will give me water supply and electricity.
4.0 I am not getting house loan for the said property why?.
5.0 I am planning to build a house on the said land piece what else should i look for before purchasing the land?

Kindly guide me.

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1) in many states in india only farmer can purchase agricultural land 

2) application has to be made to collector for conversion of agricultural land into NA purposes 

3)you have to check the revenue records to find whether land is nazul land or not 

4) for carrying on any construction on land you need to have plans sanctioned by muncipal corporation 

5) if your title is not clear and marketable you wont get house loan for sad property 

6 contact a local lawyer . check whether  seller has all original documents of property 

7) obtain certificate from lawyer that title is clear and marketable . then only purchase the land
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1) You need to get approval first to convert the land into non agricultural.
2) You need to get a title search done with the assistance of a lawyer to determine if there land belongs to the seller and if he had valid title to it.
3) You need to get permission and approval to build a house from the  Municipal Corporation.
4) Of you get permission to build you should have no problem in getting water contraction and other utilities.
5) The primary reason for you not getting loan is that the lands is agricultural and out could be devoid of several approvals and requirements for residential purpose.
6) You need to check eligibility to purchase an agricultural piece of land. You need to be an agriculturist on paper primarily.
7) Seek necessary approvals and the help of a local lawyer with documents before you make the purchase,
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 To buy a plot for residential purpose you don't need a farming license in MP. However to get a clear idea bout he future status of your property it is better to go and meet the Municipal authorities/ village / tahasil officer as the concerned officer will tell you the present status of the land whether it belongs to nazul.

1. only the concerned revenue  office of the area will be able to tell you whether you can get convert permission after seeing the documents of the land.If convert permission not obtained local administrative authorities will not give you permission to construct.
2. check with the revenue office to find out if it is a nazul land

2.Water, electricity connection will be given only on legally permitted construction.
3. if house loan is not sanctioned, this means the documents and title of the property  for residential purpose is not proper as there can be no chance of  permission for construction of a a house.
4. it is advised that if primary inqury in the village/talati office tells you that the land is not for residential purpose don't buy that land as you are buying it for constructing a house.
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1. First of all enquire whether Agricultural land can be purchased by a non agriculturist (if you are a non agriculturist), in your state,

2. If yes, then for constructing any house there upon, you are required to convert the said land or part thereof to non agricultural land or Bastu land by applying before the BLRO/DM,

3. You ca conduct registry search for ascertaining the title holder of the said property,

4. For constructing a house thereupon and for getting water supply, you need to have your plan sanctioned by the municipal authority and you will not get the said sanction unless the land is converted to Bastu,

5. Ask the seler to conver the land to non agricultural land or Bastu land before you buy the same.
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contact sub division officer's office and check that land comes under nazul or dakhal rahit bhoomi under sec 242 m.p.land revenue act.

you can apply before s.d.o.  for convertion of land into commercial purpose or residential purpose under section 172 m.p.land revenue act. it will take 3 months to decide. in residential purpose you can built house over 150 square meter area if land in converted in commercial purpose only.

after conversion you can get loan from bank.
Shivendra Pratap Singh
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