• Too much use of pressure horns by vehicles impacting health

Dear Sir,
We stay in an apartment which is close to a main road in Bangalore.
We are observing that some trucks , private buses, water tankers and few metadors makes too much use of pressure horns and air horns.
The noise level of these are very high and has very bad impact on health. 

I am not sure it use of such horns is banned by laws or by RTOs.

I seek for your kind advise on what can be done here.

This is not only problem for us but everybody in the country now a days.

Kindly advise.

I also found an article on this subject:
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Noise ambient level in residential area cannot exceed 55DBin residential area in day time

2) complain to traffic police against the noise pollution by the private trucks , buses

Ajay Sethi
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File a RTI with the RTO to inquire as to whether such horns are not allowed or not?

if they are not allowed but still they are being used then file a petition before the national green tribunal for ban on such horns being used.


Anilesh Tewari
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1. The Central Pollution Control Board constituted a Committee on Noise Pollution Control.The Committee recommended noise standards for ambient air and for automobiles which were notified in Environment(Protection) Rules,1986 as in Residential area <55 dB(A) -> Day time ( 6am to 9 pm ) & <45 dB(A) -> Night time ( 9pm to 6am ).

2. You need to get pollution control board help in recording the sound pollution level and approach court ( if the level is beyond said limit ) to get order to RTOs to control the same.

If you need any legal help, you may approach me.

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1. Yes, it is indeed illegal to use blow horn beyond a certain decibel limit which is largely flouted all over India.

2. Since exposure to high decibel of sounds for prolonged period of time causes adverse impact on health it is high time that the public authorities should take a knee jerk counter measures.

3. As it appears that machinery of state to curb such noise pollution has been paying mostly the role of a mute spectator the intervention of court is last option to tackle this environmental menace.

4. Gather as many literature as possible on this issue and fie a writ petition in the nature of PIL. Once high court takes seisin of the matter and passes necessary direction you cans see your problem resolved.

Devajyoti Barman
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Dear Sir,

We have remedies, the question is how many of us invoking such provisions and lodging complaints police and other authorities. Let us feel the shock of noise and lodge complaints so that they can initiate actions, the more the complaints, the more action by the police.

To complain against noise pollution, residents can contact the

Karnataka State Pollution Control Board on [deleted] or call the police on 100.

They can also call [deleted] for obtaining numbers of the jurisdictional police.


Additional Commissioner of Police (Law and Oder) Kamal Pant said they rarely receive written complaints as it is usually information received through phone calls. However, when they do receive official complaints, they are booked under the Karnataka Police Act which has a minimal fee. The troubled citizens can approach the jurisdictional police to file a complaint, he added.


At last a group of citizens have taken an initiative to tackle noise pollution in Bangalore which IMO is highest in the country. Main culprit being 2 stroke autos manufactured by HAMARA BAJAJ. There are close to 1 lakh autos in Bangalore and most of them are 2 strokes, first thing these people do after buying them is remove baffle plates from the factory fitted silencers. This has been going on for ages and effects of extreme noise pollution are being felt are being felt now.

Any how a few good minded people, calling themselves MISSION PEACE have taken an initiative to tackle this and we from Team-BHP should welcome and support this. One person who is working tirelessly on this is Justice M.F.Saldanha (Retd.).

This is their request

If YOU are someone who believes in this cause we invite you to JOIN us. Please contact any one of us

Project co-ordinators

Dr Sunita de Sousa – Leader

Associate Director, Biochemistry,

AstraZeneca India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

[deleted] [deleted]

website: Mission Peace Bangalore

Disha Awasthy –Awareness Campaigns in Schools, Colleges

[deleted] [deleted]

Naina Hegde- Media Awareness Campaigns;

[deleted]; [deleted]

Lakshmi Ramachandran- Govt Regulators

[deleted] [deleted]

Dr K.N. Mahesh, R. Rane & B. Halesha - Auto Driver Campaigns

[deleted], [deleted], [deleted] [deleted]


As per RTO rules, if a vehicle's silencer emits over 80 decibels, it is considered to be causing noise pollution.

in a drive by Bengaluru RTO officials last year, 45 Royal Enfield motorcycles that sported tampered silencers were seized.

In a drive by Bengaluru RTO officials last year, 45 Royal Enfield motorcycles that sported tampered silencers were seized.

Tampering with silencers is a violation of the central Motor Vehicles Act 119 and 120, and invites a penalty of Rs 1,000 for the first offence, and Rs 2,000 for repeat offences.

Kishan Dutt Kalaskar
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I suggest you to go ahead and file an PIL.

Sanjay Baniwal
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Sir kindly reach state pollution control board. If they donot hear you kindly file complaint before national green tribunal as it had already issued that pressure horn are illegal and shall be fined with rupees five thousand on use.

You can also file a pil before high court to for banning and enforcement of ban in the city as they effect health of individual.

Notification news relating to ban of pressure horn ,notification by central pollution board.


NGT order news for horns in delhi, you can approach NGT and can seek similar directions for bangalore.


Shubham Jhajharia
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You can file a writ petition or PIL on this matter.

The said court will issue directions for the same.

Prashant Nayak
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Get in touch with a local lawyer.

Take this issue up in public interest litigation to be filed before the Karnataka High Court.

Better you file this on behelf of your children, because children are the ones who are effected the most.

Vibhanshu Srivastava
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The laws banning honking of heavy horns by the vehicular traffic is banned by a law in almost all the state governments.

But who bothers about it, once the RTO people jump into action, which is very rare, these things will come under control for few days, but gradually it will resume its original form.

You have to bear or tolerate the nuisance because on whom do you think that you would likely to lodge a criminal complaint

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