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My name by birth is Mohammed Moaz Haider (in Hindi) and my DOB is 28-sep-1990 and I was born in Bihar and now I have moved to West Bengal. I've done my schooling (class X and 10+2) from Chennai. There in Tamil Nadu its a tradition to have initials to one's name. Initials are mainly first letter of Father's or Mother's or both names. Similarly school authorities also added initial to the name and my name is read in class X and class 10+2 as Mohammed Moaz Haider N. 'N' is added because my dad's name is Md Nazir Haider( N is taken from Nazir).

Because of this I've mentioned initial in my graduation certificates also. Now the problem I'm facing in producing a passport.

School authorities then told me that initial will not cause any trouble to your name because hereafter your class X certificate will be considered for all purpose.. Since it is mandatory to show birth certificate while making passport I'm facing problem.

Now I want to make a passport in my birth certificate name and I don't know what to do now. Passport officials say that I have to make an affidavit regarding change of name and also one has to expand the initial of his name. If I expand the initial my name will appear as Mohammed Moaz Haider Nazir, but I want to be known by Mohammed Moaz Haider only.
Is it possible that I can remove initial from my name in educational certificates? or if I can make an affidavit showing that both Mohammed Moaz Haider and Mohammed Moaz Haider N are one and the same person so that I can use Mohammed Moaz Haider for all purposes hereafter including passport. If yes then how? please help..I don't want to have initial in my name for any reason.. please help at the earliest..

I want to be known as Mohammed Moaz Haider only..
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Hi, for the purpose of the passport you have to file a Notarized affidavit stating that my name is Mohammed Moaz Haider for future reference and you have to make a paper publication to this effect.
Pradeep Bharathipura
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1) changes i n your  Xth and Xii std certificate would not be done by school authorities after lapse of many years . 

2) if any correction is to be made application should have been made within period of 2 years after passing from school . 

3) you should prepare an affidavit as suggested by passport authorities . there is no harm in having an passport in name of Mohammed Moaz Haider N.

4)in the alternative you can follow procedure for change in name . have the change in name published in official gazette and 22 local newspapers . also prepare an affidavit to that effect
Ajay Sethi
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1. You cannot change the name in your school certificate after 2  years. 

2. If you do not wish to get a passport in the name of Mohammed Moaz Haider N then you may execute a notarized affidavit on oath to the effect that Mohammed Moaz Haider and Mohammed Moaz Haider N are one and the same person.  

3. You may also change your name by carrying out a newspaper publication and thereafter executing an affidavit. The change of name will have to be published in the official gazette of your state. You will be provided copies of the gazette from the gazette office. You are required to attach the copy of the said gazette along with your certificates wherever necessary.

4. You cannot change your name in certificates which are already issued, albeit you can rectify an error. You have to attach the copy of the gazette wherever necessary. You may be required to affirm an affidavit too.
Ashish Davessar
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You could change your name by way of publication and through a notarized affidavit. Only an error can be rectified if required. For that the Gazette notification is to be produced. An affidavit as suggested by the passport authorities must be prepare for removing any confusion.
Shaveta Sanghi
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1. Change of name in school leaving certificates after 10 yeras (in CBSE) is not permitted,

2. Best and easiest course of action for you is to act as advised by the passport office,

3. Make an affidavit affirming that you will henceforth be known as  Mohammed Moaz Haider and both Mohammed Moaz Haider and Mohammed Moaz Haider N are the same person,

4. You shall have to publish the said matter of the affidavit in 2 local Newspapers.
Krishna Kishore Ganguly
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you should file declaratory suit under section 34 of specefic relief act and get correction in certificates, it has very summary procedure and it can decide within 3 months and court makes order to the respective authority to correct you name. authorities are bound to correct on receiving of court order.
Shivendra Pratap Singh
Advocate, Lucknow
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