• Wife cheated on me after marriage for another boy

Good evening! Urgent need of help or plan to action a.s.a.p with my current issue of my wife cheating with another man and is completely influenced by him and his talks. Me and my wife were happily together for 9 years and also tied the knot last year January. But after all this she got influenced by this one boy and everything went down hill from there on. This affair started in Dubai in the same company me and my wife worked. This boy created all the mess/damage and fled to India to his parents in Surat- Gujarat. He then tried to mentally real her to him after that and even booked air tickets without my knowledge to assit her run away from here. (while we were working in Dubai) 2 times first time I found out and stoped her and sent her back to her parents in goa to make her understand the value of marriage. Later when things healed and we're looking better brought her back to Dubai to beging fresh and were we left off. But sadly I was blinded and once again on his influence and yet again a ticket booked by him to run away and travel to India she smartly planned it while I was away at work and ran away to India. Even her parent nor me knew where she fled too and was missing for 5 days. But upon my friends and family contacts in India and Dubai got to know every detail of where she went including ticked details and who booked it as well. I did make a lot of calls those days to that boy's parents as well as him but there he denied he was not in touch with her and lied about it. Not knowing I knew who booked the ticket and all. Later with a little extra pressure from me and her parents she returned home to goa after 5 days. I went down to sort things out then as I eventually got my emergency leave sanctioned. But still if very strongly influenced by his talk. I have not taken any action against that boy yet and feel because am not doing so he thinks I would not do anything to him. I want to now and a.s.a.p before it's too late. How do I get in touch with you. Please advise as I want to come down and take this matter up legally with someone like you would could lead this. And stop and percuite people like this for their wrong doings. Looking forward for your response.
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1) file case of adultery against the boy . under section 497 of IPC . that boy  knew your wife was married yet has tried to ruin your marriage and ruined your relationship with your wife . he instigated your wife to leave you and stayed together with her . 

2) your wife obviously does not want to continue relationship with you . if you so desire you can file for divorce by mutual consent . 

3) if your wife refuses  divorce file for divorce on grounds of adultery , mental cruelty 

4) gather evidence of her extra marital relationship with the boy

5) an adulterous wife is not entitled to any maintenance .
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1. Your legal remedies include the remedy to bring criminal charges for adultery against the paramour of your wife in the court. If he is held guilty by the court he can face up to 7 years in jail.   

2. Since your wife has on more than once occasion attempted to elope with her paramour you may propose mutual consent divorce to for. She does not qualify to get alimony due to her infidelity.

3. If she does not agree to mutual divorce then you may unilaterally file for divorce on the basis of your wife's adultery. 

4. You would need evidence of your wife's adultery to succeed in the court.
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Hi, if you don't want to continue with relationship with your wife you have to file a petition for divorce on the ground of cruelty  and adultery.

2. You can also lodge a police complaint against on  that boy for adultery.
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It is advisable to file a mutual consent divorce if your wife agrees however if she doesn't then you can file a contested petition for divorce on the ground of adultery, mental cruelty, non-consummation of marriage etc.

Against the boy with whom your wife has tried to elope, file a police complaint complaining of adultery. Whatever proof you have must be submitted to the police during investigation.
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1. You can not sue the boy for arranging return ticket for your wife,

2. You can not sue him also for influencing your wife,

3. You can bring the charge of adultery against him if you get any evidence of his having physical relationship with your wife,

4. Ask your wife as to whether she wants to live you or terminate the matrimonial relationship since it is she who has decided to leave you for which she is to be blamed primarily,

5. If she so desires to terminate the relation ship go for mutual consent divorce amicably,

6. You can not force an willing wife to stay with you and kee[ blaming others for her leaving you unceremoniously.
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Dear Querist
File a criminal complaint u/s 497 of IPC against the boy.

you may also file a divorce case against your wife if you think fit so.

if she is not ready to live with you or not willing to live with you then it will be better to go for mutual settlement and file Mutual Consent Divorce and live your life as per your wish.
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