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Dear Sir/ Madam, 

I would like to introduce myself as a Company Secretary in Practice in Shillong, Meghalaya. I am planning to pursue Law from this year. I would like to know about the subjects which can help me in to learn and practise in small towns like Shillong. I have interest in Intellectual Property, Consumer protection, public & rights issue, Civil, Excise.

I would like to know more such subjects which would be similar to my Company Secretary (CS) work and can help me to build myself here.

Moreover, I would also like to know are there any exemption for any papers for a CS if we want to pursue law. 

Secondly, I would also like to know what are the skills, age, experience, procedure required to be a Magistrate in any court, additional district judge or any post of the higher level. I am 1984 born.

Will it be a wise idea to leave my CS practice and start law. I have started my CS practice very recently. If required I can always switch over. I believe Law has got a very wide scope and CS       can always help me anything relating to company matters.

Moreover, what is the exposure of a lawyer in small towns in India?

Expecting lot of honest replies, which would be help me in deciding my career.

Thanking you
Warm Regards
Asked 3 years ago in Civil Law from Shillong, Meghalaya
1) you must have studied company law for your CS . it is one of major subjects in law whcih can help you in your practice . 

2) further income tax is a common subject in both CS and for your law course 

3) regarding subjects you would get exemption that you have to check with the institute of company secretaries 

4) it is better you gain some experience as lawyer before you decide to give exams to be a judge . you need at least 7 to 10 years practice in this regard to be a district judge 

5) it is better you concentrate on your CS practice .you can join a company as CS . law plus CS is ideal combination . in the alternative  you can if you so desire specialize in direct/indirect taxes with your law degree . 

6) in small towns you wont get much company law/ indirect taxes work .
Ajay Sethi
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1) in small towns family disputes is on e filed where you can concentrate on . you can practice in family courts . number of divorce cases have increased manifold . you should be well versed with provisions of Hindu marriage act , Muslim personal law etc . 

2) for CS it is better to work for a corporate in metropolitan cities . as mentioned earlier CS and law is good combination
Ajay Sethi
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In small towns, if you are inclined to practice at lower courts then there isn't much scope however if you intend to work in a law firm then having a CS degree with a law degree is a very good combination and is in demand in the market. The tax firms are always on a lookout for such combination since that gives them the liberty for their associates to directly appear in the court and not hire an outsider. further, CS and law , both are equal when it comes to exposure. There are dearth of lawyers and CS in the society and it depends on how you make your mark in the society. Further, as regarding judiciary, you can give lower judiciary exam as soon as you are done with your law degree after giving up for CS certificate. However then the promotion for you would not go higher than sessions or at the extreme High Court if you are in a young age. Make an informed decision after calculating your pros and cons now.
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1) As you have already obtained a degree in CS you would find it easier to delve into the study and practice of law as there are a few common elements. Company law and Taxation laws are common in both  and if  you are thinking of switching career you can certainly opt to specialize in these subjects in law.

2) from the description of your choice in  career you seem to be placing restrictions about the place of work.While CS with Law can be a deadly combination , career wise you will need to widen your horizon and be prepared to migrate to metros which can throw open windows of opportunities.

3)As far as choosing a career in judicial service, there is a long way to go.You need years of practice as a lawyer before you can apply and besides it will not be as lucrative as practice of law as an independent lawyer.

4) At 30 years in my opinion you should make up your mind immediately regarding choice of your career.The best would be to study law while you are practicing Cs as there is no age bar about entering the profession of a lawyer.Do not limit your scope to Shillong alone.
S J Mathew
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1. If you wish to practice law then you should look beyond Shillong. In a small town like Shillong the quality and quantity of litigation is not promising for a lawyer, more so a freshly enrolled lawyer. There would hardly be any litigation relating to IPR in Shillong. The typical litigation in small cities like Shillong covers areas of Family Law, etc which may not be very paying for you in the beginning.

2. So if you want to make a mark as a lawyer then be at the right place and at the right time. You can after completing your law, join the chamber of a Senior Advocate or a law firm. In cities like Delhi the freshly enrolled lawyers are paid handsomely by good seniors and tier 2 or even tier 3 law firms.

3. To become a judicial magistrate you can sit for judicial exams in any state right after your enrollment and without any experience as a lawyer. You are eligible to sit for the exam of District Judge if you have a standing of a minimum of 7 years as a lawyer.

4. Law with CS is icing on the cake. Subjects like Company Law and General & Commercial Law are common in CS. In CS the subject of General & Commercial,Law covers Evidence Act, CPC and CRPC and also acts such as Factories Act and ESI Act. 

5. As a CS you can join a company. Your law degree would be an added advantage for you. 

6. To the best of my knowledge, there is no exemption available to a CS student if he is simultaneously pursuing three or five years law course.
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1. Your ideal subject should have been Company law with your CS back ground,

2. However, the above is not suitable for a small town like shillong where there is hardly any big company,

3. You might have to shift to bigger cities for your career,

4. Study law first then choose your subject of practice depending on the demand in your place,

5. You shall have to sit for the judicial services examination to be a junior level judge,

6. Think twice before giving up your CS practice and examine  demand of lawyers in your place.
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Dear Querist

The Law & CS is best Combination for practicing in Company Law matters.

try to concentrate with company law matters and build your career in Company law expert.

the illegibility for judicial services is different from each state, for this search through the websites of the states and read the notifications.
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