Wife Not Ready For Divorce

Our married solemnized on 06/05/13. Wife stayed with me for 6-7 months (during that also she used to go to stay with her parents for 10-15 days, a month also - that too when we were newly married). She always used to disrespect me and my family by various means , in front of guests and visitors also. She was not at all concerned with household chores. During oct-13' 1st time she made relationship and got pregnent. After ultrasound conformation, sh again went to stay with her parents and living there continuously since 02/02/14. We tried hard to bring her back. Ultimately we had to file divorce case during may-14'. She delivered a baby girl during aug-14' (of which we came to know through the maintainence case filed by them, otherwise no one ever shared her medical treatment and birth of child with me. Whereas I was taking her full best care during pregnancy period she spent with me. Now.. 1) Our reconciliation is over as I under no circumstances spent my life with the wife of her nature. 2) I am already paying her maintainance ordered by honb' court since Apr-15' 3)I have submitted many evidence of her cruel behaviour, she shouting and abusing me/my family at midnight even in frontof her parents. Her brother/father also accepted in sms sent to me that I have no fault, her nature is like that only (copies submitted), audio/video of her misbehaviour submitted. 4) In reality, she want to spend her life without me but in court she says she want to live with me. Even if I agree to stay with her, ultimately she will do something to her or baby (just as drama) and my / my parents may go to jail (this is what she had said earlier too). 5) Recently after 2 yrs of their maintainance petition, they have added a rejoinder saying - husband and his mother did gender check through ultrasound and tried to abort baby (this is what her mental thought is as of today - how can I even imagine a "happy" married life with her? 6) I have been fighting my divorce case for almost 2.5 yrs and we have no contact since last 3 yrs now. Please advise what shall I or my lawyer do to speed up the matter so that I get a divorce allowed decree. since it is a contested divorce in front of court, please advise.