Shop in Residential Area

Respected Sir, I want to know that whether shops can be opened in residential areas or not according to law. Actually there is one shop running right in front of our house, which had created a lot of trouble for us, and the distance between our house and that shop is very less, due to which when their customers speaks to them even in normal voice, their whole voice comes inside our house which creates a lot of disturbance for us. The two brothers who runs this shop have a lot of vagabond kind of friends who don't have any manners, they talk louder, they laugh louder and sometimes they talk for several hours right in front of our house which creates even more disturbance for us. They had not opened a shop here only for doing business but they have made this place a talking adda, where lots of people come here & talk which creates a lot of nuisance for us. Our house is in a residential area, so I want to ask you that whether opening shops in residential areas is illegal or not and if it is illegal, then please tell me what kind of legal actions I can take against them. Please reply to my query as soon as possible.