Wrongly charged for domestic violence.

Hello Sir, i got married in 2015 &i have been charged falsely under domestic violence by my wife. we lived together for only 6 months, we don't have children. My wife filed case against me & my family members 8 months ago, the case is still in the court. I have been wrongly accused,as my wife is no longer interested in me & has made allegations on my character. Its clearly mentioned by judge during counseling that she is not interested to join my company & wants 35 lakhs in return to withdraw her case. However, she couldn't prove any of the allegations made on me. She was forced to marry by her family members, now she is demanding money for the divorce. My wife's family never gave any dowry to us & demanding us to return the dowry given at the time of marriage on the case filed. She is trying to malign the image of my family. We attended the counseling too, however it was fruitful, the case is in court now. Please help us with your advice. Please also help me how i can remove my parents & my sisters name off the accused list as i don't want them to suffer for me to appear in the court everytime. My lawyer is not able to get my family out of the accused list.