Hi, We want to file a divorce with mutual consent. We both are hindus(brahmin) and were married as per the arya samaj rituals. We had hired a lawyer as well. It's been 8 months for our marriage. The reason to file for the divorce is- We got married in march 2014 but we didn't tell our parents about it. Since very that day we both were living separately. He just used to visit to my place some times like once in 15 days or so. In this time period of 8 months we had lot of fights as if we can't even tolerate to see each other. My parents are asking me to marry him now as they don't know that we are already married and just because we did not want to hurt anyone's feelings, we had thought to marry publically just for our parents whenever they want. But now due to all those differences, fights and abuse for each-other we want to get separated and I just don't want to let my parents know about it as this marriage just means nothing to us and we consider it as the biggest mistake of our life. Kindly guide me as I am so disturbed.