Don't receive the payment for my work as a freelancer

Hi Sir / Mam, let me introduce first; my name is supriyo bhattacharyya, i am from kolkata. in march 2016 i started work with a consultant company named Mayra Business Services Pvt. Ltd., Malviya Nagar,Delhi as a freelancer hr recruiter. in august 2016 they had a client name cnet infotech pvt. ltd., noida, headquater bhopal. this client started their startup as a bpo company in noida for which they required huge amount of tech sales executive which we provide. With me one of my colleague name Samir kumar also worked for this project. We have an agreement with the consultancy on commission based of min. 30% of each payment that consultancy will received from the clients after completing of 30 days from the date of joining of the candidates in cnet. These all the candidates joined in company between 1st to 10th august 2016. But after completing of 30 days we didn't receive any payment from the consultancy side. When we demanding for our payment to the director of that consultancy, he told us that they didn't receive any payment from the client side. So as the agreement 'when the client made payment we provide your sharing amount'. On that point, when we asked them that if client will do not pay you then we also don't pay us our sharing amount or not. On this question they are speechless and make a nominal amount as a payment and told us that as client don't pay any single penny, we paid this amount to you from our side. With that they also assured us that the remaining dues will be cleared on 15th october 2016. After this they do not pay any amount to us, even if we mailed them or called them they do not contact with us. From the certain sources of the client end we received some shocking information i.e. the bill raised against the client was above 2 lakhs from which client paid 50k in two installments to the consultancy. we also collected some information about the clients & the consultancy's CIN number, Registration number, etc. Let me clear a point that is, the sharing amount which we are demanding to the consultancy was not above of 50k. So we need a legal advise for this case for our redemption of the amount. My email id- [deleted] Contact num-[deleted]