My husband has started living with his ex wife

I am 31yrs old and married for 8yrs. My husband was a divorcee when we got married and he had a 1yr old kid during our marriage. He said his wife was characterless and she was also a divorcee when he married her. After their child she again started seeing someone and they had lot of issues which ended up in divorce. She left the kid with him. I accepted the kid and his family also accepted me, but without informing my parents we did register marriage as my parents wouldn't have accepted our relationship. After 6 months he came to my house ..informed my mom about our marriage and took me to his place. My parents didn't approve our marriage so I didn't have any contacts with then for about a month. We stayed at his house with my mother in law, father in law and brother in law. Daily he started beating me for no reason. His mom also started hating me and asked us to leave the house. In that situation he told me we will leave the house but he will bring his ex wife to stay with us to take care of the kid as we both are working. But I refused ans told she should never come in our life as it will complicate things. I told I can quit job bit he didn't agree, he also said no for nanny. Again he started beating me as I didn't agree to bring his ex wife. Later hr left the kid with his mom and dad and rented a house nearby his house bit they didn't allow me to come.back to the house and slowly they didn't allow see the kid. Even in that rent house he started beating me and daily he used to wake up early and leave stating he is going to his house but when I checked he will not be in his house. After 6 months he was moved to different state for his job and he left me at my place. I told him that I want to keep the kid buy he said his mom loves him and he ll ensure to bring him as much as possible so that we can meet. But it didn't happen ans I had to beg him to see the the kid was calling me mom and I was very attached to him. For 7yrs I didn't go to my in laws place as my husband strictly told me not to go there. But we were having good relationship though he was in different state and coming home twice in a month. He ll mostly go to his house saying he wants to meet his son and he won't bring him to me. Now after several years I found out that his ex wife is staying at his house with my in laws and they have accepted her and my mother iN law is behind all this but she passed away. When I went there to confront them my father in law has refused to talk to me... my husband asked me to leave and says he ll only live with them. It's been a year since I know this I had lot of ordeal to get my husband back I sometimes shouted.. sometimes begged but nothing worked. I went to a lawyer who asked me to jail hiM under cheating case but I want to live with my husband. Though he was cruel I love him and want to be with him and I am his legal wife. I also heard his ex wife injected pesticides to kill herself as my husband confronted her for exposing our personal chat history to one of her male friends According to my husband she did this to find out waY's to stop me coming back to their life. After all this still he is staying with them. Even I went to see her in hospital on humanity basis but I cannot leave my husband. My hudband started staying wirh me for few months but continued visiting them. Now I am pregnant and again my husband again started going there often and when I confronted he is not talking to me. Please tell me if there is a way as per law that I can live with my husband in my in laws house and is there a way that his ex wife can leave that house as per law. I don't want to leave my husband. Please help me.