Old house property in the name of father, and his first wife died, and second wife still alive. Father made the settlement and registered which is stating that, till my second wife Jeevanamsam she can utilize the property and change tax and formalities name in her name. after the death of second wife the property will goes to all my son’s and daughters. Now all the government tax , EB and water tax all in her name since 20 years. Firs wife : 3 daughters and 2 sons – one daughter died Second wife : 2 sons and 1 daughter – one son died Second wife don’t want sell the property now, and she is getting rental from the old house 5000RS for her survival, also she is staying with her daughter. The Question now.? The firs wife sons and daughter pushing the second wife( mother ) to make the partitioning and give us the share now…! Otherwise we can file a case on court? Mother ( second wife ) said , no I will not sell or partitioning now , it will be after my death..! Kindly guide the mother (second wife ) which will be the best way. Note : no one care about the second mother except her own son and daughters.