DV, Maintenance and Divorce

Hello everyone. MY wife (Shikha singh parmar) has registered a complaint on [deleted], against me and my family in women cell in Gurgaon. Hence I started leaving separately after filling complaint against me and my family. After 6 month leaving separately, In sept-2016, I filled divorce case in family court. Once they got know that I have filled a divorce case, she and her family tried putting complain / FIR in women cell, however she never disclosed to police that she had already filled a DV complain in Gurgaon. I got call from SSP / women cell regarding complain she was trying to put. However, I explained to them everything and informed that a complaint has already been given against me and my family. And they did not ask me any question further. Later I got notice under section 125 (for maintenance of Rs.30,000). I have following few question. 1- Can she put complaint again in her home town-Jhansi (She is from Jhansi U.P.). I would like to remind here that she already had given complaint in Gurgaon Women cell. I am not aware whether complaint has withdrawn or not. 2- Is it possible to registered FIR in her home town even though complaint has given in Gurgaon women cell. 3- I got information from her lawyer (however no written communication yet) that FIR has been registered in Women cell, Jhansi. However I have not received any information from women cell / police from Jhansi. 4- How can I get a copy of complaint register in Gurgaon women cell. 5- What is probability of amount can be set as maintenance. However she is working and getting around 20K. I don’t have any proof such as Salary slip ect. However I have some photo regarding her organization such as Organization name, office photo downloaded from her Facebook / profile. 6- Do I need to go mediation centre? I am not willing to stay with her more. If I don’t got mediation center what consequence would be. Request you please do the needful and provide more clarity if I missed something Regards,