Harassment by by aunt

I am Sonn Basant Mandal.age 24.My aunt who has her house just beside mine keeps using very bad words for me and my family every day.She keeps using slang words for us.she keeps talking very loud with slang words which can be heard even when i am locked inside my room.she blames me for and my family for stealing her clothes namely(sari,pettycoat,bra,underwear)she harashes me and my family she insults us every time early in morning afternoon evening and night and when we say her not to do it she shouts and tells every one that i have come to rape her in the command of my mother.she tells me to sleep with my mother in front of my mother and family and when we try to speak against it her husband and sons they start getting violent.i have a small niece who is a kid only 6 years aged girl.she blames me for trying to rape her in front of my niece .she keeps talking all day alone in top of her voice with slang words.it is very depressing there is nothing i can do.please help i havent told my parents about me contacting you.i need your advice please.