Property transfered to mothers name alone becoming benami

I am a salaried employee and is married. I had paid for a fresh residential land propert to the builder through my salary account and using cheques (between year 2011-13). In the records of the builder I changed the name of owner to my mothers name alone by signing an indenmity bond, even though I paid for the property. The reason was at that time I am suppose to travel abroad after some months and I thought it would be convinient if my mother could deal with land transactions, registration etc. As this is fresh land the first registration of property is done in my mothers name alone. Now with the amendment of Benami Act, it seems the land will become a benami property as I paid for the land and registered in my mothers name. My mother is an income tax payee and already has one more house in her name. I do not jointly hold the land with my mother. And because of ignorance I did not though of complications at time of transfer or registration. We did not do transfer using a transfer deed just with indenmity bond and sending the documentation to the builder company. My mother and I are in total agreement to do any documentation and transaction to make the property a valid and not benami. Could you please suggest what could be done in this case. Thanks