Is daughter entitled to get a share in father self acquired prope

Matter is as follow 1. Schedule property A and B was self acquired property of the deceased who left it intestate at his death in year 1998. 2. He had two wives who are alive till now and both of them have sons and daughters. 3. The property was partitioned after obtaining consent from all the heirs other then married daughters in the year 2001.The partition is done by giving the application and NOC from both sides to Municipal Corporation and subsequently the katha was transferred for the scheduled property A to first wife and scheduled property B to the second wife. 4. From 2001 second wife was paying the regular tax for scheduled property B and the property was also leased out to some family in same year for next six years. 5. In year 2006 Second wife sold the property B to third party who is me in this case. 6. In year 2014 daughter of first wife who were married in 1998 and she has not given her consent in 2001 during partition by signing the NOC to the family filed a case to claim her share in the property. What are the all options I have and what is the law says in this above matter. What will be the law of limitation beyond which she cannot file the case in above scenario?