Dear Sir, Me and my husband got married in 2013 in Kerala and came to Delhi after few days. He started physically harassing ( beating) me till jan 2014. He was not working, I used to pay rent and everything. When things got worsen, my fingers got stuck while he was closing door during a fight and when I was badly injured, he told me that you should need this. I went to hospital and got my fracture done.I went to my father's office and my father took me all the way to my moms place. I went back to my parents place in Noida and started living with them. My husband left back to kerala after this incident. He worked in chennai for one month and then back to kerala again with no job at all. However, during these days, my mom in law, father in law used to call my parents and my husband too called me. He said sorry and gave me promise that he will never beat me. I thought of giving him a second chance. I went to his home town to bring him back. Now, I am staying in delhi since april 2014 till oct with him. He got a job in between in Delhi, however, he never use to spend his money and asked me to pay everything. He used to tell me that he needs to save it reason being if tomorrow I leave him, he has to live his life. I had spent everything till date from house rent, electricity, car loan etc. I gave Rs 50000 to my mom in law during my visit to his home town as they asked me to lend them. However, on their visit to Delhi, she handed over back to me. My husband calls me frequently to my office and on my mobile while I am working in office. During Feb 2014 , he started sending emails to different girls for friendships which I got to know during our second stay. On asking, he gives me answer that, because I left him, he started approaching other women. I have been conceived for the last three months. During this period, one day, he called me continuously and I got irritated to which he said that you can keep your baby, I am going back. That evening, he again started to physically harass but could not as I threatened him that this time If he beats me, I will go straight to police station. I left with my things again to my parents place and next day he too went back to kerala without even thinking of baby or he did not even tried to talk to my parents at all. He took all my cash that is Rs 50000 that my mother in law gave me. Also, some of my expensive things too. He has not yet taken any responsibility of being a husband and as a father. All the total hospital expenses for the child is being covered by me till date. I dnt understand that i should go ahead with divorce or should keep quiet till delivery.