my baby

Respected Sir / Madam, I got married on 28th Nov. 2012. I have been living with my mother's family since Feb 2014 when I was just 2 months pregnant. Reason for coming to my mother's house was that my husband was not good with me. He had extra marital affair also and every time he used to abuse me and my family. He used to say that the baby I had in my womb was not his. He asked me to have DNA test. I just cant tell what all hell I went through during my pregnancy and nobody can understand. He always gave threats to kill us all. The made me to come to my mother's house and in May they filed a case (section 9). We went through the counseling also and that time I was given assurance by the counselor and my husband's family that everything will be ok and somehow for many baby's sake / future I decided to go back to them and court gave us the next date of 28 November because of my delivery. Now I have a baby girl and she is my life. My husband even then kept on sending abusive messages and giving threats pre and post delivery. I did not even respond to him. Now I do not want to go back in any case and I will take care of my baby too as I am working. and I have a fear that they may not take my baby from me. She is my life now. I just want an assurance from your side that no body can take my baby from me. Please reply. Earlier he used to say every time that this baby is not mine and have a DNA test and now he sends amsg that "agar kisi ne meri bacchi ko lene ki koshsih kari toh jinda maar duga" PLEASE REPLY SIR AND SUGGEST WHAT SHOULD I DO.