Regarding Surety.

Sir, I am from Bangalore and i have been falsely charged with cheque bounce case since i had given it on behalf of another person, whom wants to purchase a business for 10.5 lakhs. First cheque amount was 4 lacs & second cheque was for RS.6.5 lakhs. But after some days deal was cancelled afeter may be two months. for which we gave 65000 towards rent, and 1 lakh afterwards. But we do not have any proof for giving the amount. We have not taken in in writing & We returned the keys we had taken earlier during agreement. Agreement is done between them, But in agreement my 2 cheque were given which is from bangalore. But the person who took the cheque is from Kerala, Mattannoor,Kannur. He filed case in mattannoor court,Kannur, I have to go to kerala on 29th of this month. The advocate who once attended the court hearing first time said i have to appear on 29th & have to produce 2 govt. working staff;s sureties on that date for getting bail. I dont know any one in kerala. How to provide sureties, I am totally dvasted. I got 2 small kids aged 5 yars &11 years. My parents are 75 years & 65 years old with heart operations done already and very weak. The are very much worringd about this. Dont know what to do. Een though I am from Bangalore, I am also a malayalee & i have been trapped. Please suggest me what should i do please. I will be greateful to you sir if you help me.