Dear sir, I and my wife, spent lot of our earnings to extend my father's property (four room house), now extended to seven rooms flat. I also built my own flat (6 rooms on 2nd floor) on top of his, with my father's and brothers' consent and good-will. The ground floor also has three rooms where my elder brother lives. Our father died few years back. Our mother passed away 7 years before my father's death. We are four brothers. I am the second son. We all have been living together in the same building for many many years. Now, our children have grown up. In fact, my elder brother's son is married and living jointly with my youngest brother. My youngest brother now wants them to live separately as the expenses are going higher. And all other brothers are also thinking and planning to divide the property amicably, such that nobody remains unhappy. I haven't been so particular about the legal proceedings and papers. Everything was done with mutual understanding and good-will. But, now I am worried, because it looks like that I am going to lose a lot. Let alone my share of my father's property! Please help me as to how we can solve this without anyone losing anything. I don't want my brothers to break our age-old relationship just because of our children's ambition. As far as I know, my father being a simple man didn't leave any WILL. Everything went well and we, brothers, have been trying very hard not bring about the disputes of property sharing. But our children's demand is gradually growing higher and they don't seem to be thinking the way we are thinking. My eldest and youngest brothers have been paying the taxes jointly too. The property is still in our father's name to the best of my knowledge. In fact, the documents are kept by my youngest brother. I haven't found it necessary to check out everything. Because of our jobs, I and my wife hardly stay with them. We visit them only during festival time and vacations. I just hope that my brothers would not deceive me and my wife. How do I take the ownership of my flat and my share of the property? I would much appreciate your professional guidance to proper and peaceful settlement. Thanking you in anticipation. AppaSam