false 498a

Dear Sir/Madam, I Harvinder singh sodhi resident Mhow, working as teacher in a private school. I got married with Balvinder kaur on 23/01/2009 in delhi gurudwara. After a year we got a son Gurvinder singh who is nearly about 5 years and study ing in U K G at Shri Sai Academy Mhow.I and my spouse were happily live our life without the interference of my family members.A year back 2013 in the month of April my brother-in-law Ravinder singh came to our house to invite us for the marriage of his younger sister.As he came by train from long journey we asked him to get rest, so after taking lunch he went to sleep on first floor.In the evening when I went to my regular music class , my mother with my spouse went to Gurudwara and my father was on training of railways. At that time only my younger brother and his wife were there at home my brother in law requested for tea so my brother's wife prepared tea and went to serve him on first floor but after entering into the room my in law tried to molest him and hit on her breast.He also tried to do some wrong action with ill feelings.When this thing happened my brother's wife shouted .After hearing her voice my brother rushed to first floor where my in law was trying to hold her mouth to keep her silent.My brother saw and slapped him , released his wife and took her down. When everybody accumulated, my brother and his wife told the whole story we were stunned after hearing the thing so we decided to tell this thing to the family of my in-law. when my in-law & wife heard that , my spouse and in-law started apologizing and requested not to tell anyone.On there requisition we had decided not to reveal thing to anyone.Next day my in law with his sister left for Delhi for the marriage. I told my wife that, I will join them later.To attend the marriage, I went to my spouse home place i.e Durgapur-Uttranchal.On the next day of the marriage, their family members seat together & started to blamed me with abusive language and compelled me to sign on 100 rs stamp paper by saying that if I wont do the so they will either beat me or else they will raise false complaint against me and my family members.On stamp paper, they wrote that my family members tease my spouse and don't meet with the son.This drama was played just to separate me from my family and to just to clear the image of them apart from that by doing this they will keep us shut for future. when I saw that ,they are not with the good intention I signed.I came back with my spouse. After returning, my wife's attitude was totally changed, she started ignoring the things and started the things to do in her way. On a sking, she started to give response with harsh and rude tone but still we had a thought that some day she will be on right track.Suddenly on 26 April 2014, her brother came with one of the police officer and took my son and spouse to the police station. Coincidentally at that time also no body was at home. My father went to play hockey, my mother and my brother's wife went to market for shopping and i went for my regular music class.My brother was taking tuition classes at home. When they came and started shouting my brother's came downstairs and asked the police man what is happening the police man replied don't ask just let his sister and son go.My brother, then and there called me. I rushed to home and found that my spouse and my son is in an auto rickshaw with one person and my brother-in-law was with the police officer. After asking the reason why they are doing this, he replied "ab maza chakhun ga" and used abusive language .I tried to stop the auto also but the driver denied.After reaching the police station they gave the reason that we don't permit my spouse to meet with her brother also prohibit her to talk with her family members.Police officer asked my wife what she wants? She replied that she wants to go with her brother and police got this thing in written on the paper and got signed by me and with my spouse.At the time of leaving my in law was gazing on me and told me" ab tumhe jhute cases main fasaaunge".They took my son also which is studying as I mentioned early. I sent the message to let me have a word with my son but they never did it even I sent a letter too addressed to my brother in law but no body replied. Currenly I have put up a case under section 9-RCR. Now what should be done next by my in-laws as my family members are under stress and pressure. Regards