Looking for legal separation from live in relationship

Hi..I want to take legal separation from live in relationship with one women... May I know the procedures 1-We both in relationship from 02years, we introduced ourselves to our families by small reception, from four months we both are not leaving together, maybe she is pregnant now.. 2-My age is 32years and her actual age 36years, she is telling her age also 32years and written the same in some medical records 3- Recently I came to know that, she had married earlier and left him and I don't know the status of divorce of first marriage 4-From one year she is not spending her earnings for our living and giving to her brother 5-For past one year she forcing me to do some illegal activities like block money exchange or buying stolen cars with the help of her brother, in this situation we both argued, fight and living separately from past four months 6-She and her family members are threatening me for opposing and exposing all this. Please advise me to get legal separation from her, her family