Aquire property of Mother-As a son can get

Dear Sir I am VIJAY S age 38yrs My mother is have one daughter and son.Son is me.father died in 2009.It is aquired property by my parents.I am living in this house now with my wife and 2 daughters.Till now it is in my mother's name and no Will made by my father before death.My parents have done every thing to my daughter.For me nothing related money additional they have done and same time I also didn't expected as I am the only son and my father told u take house. My sister is getting too greedy and took my mother with her and avoiding to live with me and treated brainwashed my mother and now asking full aquired property to give her. Also my sister and her husband has thrown away her mother in law and they are literally suffering for daily food. My sister have taken all PF of my mother and also enjoying monthly pension of my mother.And sister is also a central got employee and her husband is private company over 20 years.All are earning around 1lakh per month. Now I am without job and my mother is not willing to help me in single penny. My mother and sister her husband also have practicing black magic and witch craft to remove us from this house. Kindly need your advice on legal grounds Regards VIJAY S