clarity on clear and marketable title

It is a resale case of floor. The conveyance deed was executed in 1955. In 2001, owner transferred his property through GPA, SPA, ATS and WILL (all registered) executed on the same date in favor of HUF through its Karta. Receipt of consideration is nalso there, however, no stamp duty paid. However, just after 10 days of execution of above mentioned documents, transfree, the Karta of HUF died. Death date of transferor is unknown. The legal heirs of transfree were his wife and 2 children. A month later, both children executed a registered relinquishment deed in favor of mother, thereby relinquishing their rights. Three years later, the lady executed a sale deed in favor of some other person and then the title further exchanged hands through sale deed. Query is whether the transfer of ownership through ATS, GPA, SPA and WILL to the karta is valid, when the transfree died just 10 days later and the date of death of transferor is unknown and whether the property hold a clear and marketable title ?