Mental harassment, torture and cheating. Please help me.

Sir, I am a Hindu guy and have been in love with a Muslim girl for the past 3-4 months. It started off as a very nice thing, but she then started to harass me, mentally torture me and humiliate me without any reason whatsoever. Immediately the next day she used to apologize to me. Since I really loved and trusted her, I believed what she said each time. But her mental tortures increased day by day. She broke up with me every night just because she enjoyed seeing me woo her back(she herself told me this). But the way she breaks up is extremely humiliating and caused a lot of mental trauma each day. I couldn't take all the abuses, rough behavior, sudden shocking and traumatizing fits at the middle of the night. Finally a stage arrived when I was completely broken down mentally and physically. She now decided to ditch me, and did so publicly. She humiliated me in front of unknown people, foulmouthed me and even slapped and pushed me around because I was crying and begged her to stop traumatizing and humiliating me like this way. I am glad that it is over but I want to know if there is a legal way I can obtain justice for all the harassment, humiliation, assault and trauma I was put through. I am not able to share this with anyone because no one expects a girl to be like this.