illegal demand of my wife in caw cell

My wife decided to move out of my house on 2nd dec 2013.myy salary is half of her salary from thr day we got married. From the first day her parents supported her decision. On 1st june 2014.. my wife and her parents came to my place to collect her belonging like her side jewellery and joint accnt money.we exchanged mutual divorce drafts also and she agreed for the same. But on last she asked for 5 lakhs more to proceed future. Which i refused. Post that she filled case against me in women cell.on first meeting she gave me a fictious list and asking for more money for ex-15 lakhs of money her father spwnd on weeding and 10 lakhs she spend on me and my family. then in front of acp she said she is ready yo drop this case but she needs 5 lakhs to finish this case. I gave her offer of 2 lakhs. Which she rejected. Last friday i went to tiz harazi court for mediation . in front of mediation officer she asked for 15 lakhs.. which i again refused. Now they have reffered case to caw cell Plz help me to understand.. should i pay her 5 lakhs just to save myself from all botherarion of court or wasting my numbers of years fighri in court. 1) Will she able to extract alimony frm me in court . 2) will court consider her 15 lakhs demand (money spend on marriage) what is the next step?