Do we really need to go to court for furthur ongoing case ??

Hello sir/mam, we have here 14/15 houses who build there houses and living in from 1993 (we also get plot from 1993 nd living in) , due to some 420 govt .people there are some mistakes in the paper work, now the successors of that landlord who sold their land now asking for paying them again as per new land prices , and this case is on going from 1995 appx. and now its 2016, ist summon we got in 1996 now the degree is in opposite parties hand, nd we counter case in 1997. {{ case is like...... A gives "power of attorney" (P.O.A) to B, nd B sold the land more than acquisition in his P.O.A with help of some XYZ govt. people ) now B is dead, "P.O.A " goes back to B nd he came to know that all his deed nd A files d case against us.......... from 14/15 houses we r only 5 houses who r attending the court meeting }} so as we know if any paying guest live for 4 years in a house then house owner is unable to get them out if such any step is taken by the paying guest, so is this same rule can b applied for consumers like us who has all papers with some mistakes in them ??? so please guide us i shall b very thankfull to u.