Registration of two sons

Hi sir I am nAResh from hyderabad,iam asking about that my grandmother had two sons my father was second son, my grandmother got paralysis in the year 1991.she was help less ,my father and his brother taking care month over by month. My grand mother registered will deed in (total 600 sq yards)1992 with the favour of my father 300 sq yards, and elder Son registered will deed in 1993 for 300 sq yards .she was died in 1998. my father brother (elder) accupied place which is 30 sq yards in the year 2003 they construction a new house at the west side of my house,we put the case in principle junior civil judge2010 court after five years appointed commissioner, with the help of govt surveyor to measure the between two houses, in this we succeed and we lost 30 sq yard, and proved defendant has accupied place we put in this in Jr.civil court the judgement is awaiting, after that defendent put a case in senior civil judge court stated that 1/2 share will come in my house to us, that second will deed was eligible.and that time I was constructed house my own, .... was it legally approved or not am I lose my property,please tell me sir