Cheating in name of marriage

Dear Sir, I am currently an alumni of IIT BHU graduated in year 2014. I used to love a girl from my school since i was in class 6th, she was my best friend in school but she never accepted my love. Things were normal till this time. I get into IIT BHU and it was my 2nd year and at same time she went into Banasthali Vidyapeet Jaipur for MBA. I again tried and eventually we got into a relationship. I continuously used to go to Jaipur to meet her. We had sex over their many times and since i was deeply in love with her she agreed to marry me as i was from IIT and she seeks a secure future with me. I belong to Scheduled Caste community and she is a Brahman. I got a job but left it on her advice that i cant marry her until i crack a PSU or IAS else her parents shall marry her into Brahman caste. I agreed, but after she went to Pune in 2013 and worked in a BPO WNS global, she started to deviate with me in month of JULY 2014. Eventually she on 21st september 2014 informed me that she is going to marry her boss. She gave the logic that i should not even talk to her parents as i am scheduled caste and no one shall heed to my plea. I talked to her parents and they told me that they never had an issue with the caste. I found out that her boss is a non Brahman and in this whole event i came to know that she never wanted to marry me and just used me as a partner in Jaipur to avoid her loneliness. I belong to a middle class family, i have spent many rupees on her. Her this decision has led me to an acute depression due to which i have thought to commit suicide but i finally ended up to take a legal advice. I have been cheated and harassed, i had spent enough money on her, was from IIT and she was in a women college so i was like her entertainer, who used to go to Jaipur frequently. But as she found a settled boss in Pune she has ditched me. Please tell me is there anything which i can do just because i am cheated and my mental peace is shattered. I am unable to focus on my career. She never loved me but i loved her. If i was a girl i could have easily filed a case but since i am a boy, i am unable to think. Please help.